Sunday, July 21

I buy half of Oregon when I'm there.

Whenever I make a voyage back home, I always try to take advantage of the LACK OF SALES TAX that my great state offers. And I always leave a little room in the carry-on for these purchases. Yes, some people bitch about the concept of an income tax. But I don't. Sales tax just ruins my day when I have to pay an additional 8.25% to shitty California when they're the next Detroit. But I do it because I can grocery shop on my lunch break at work and enjoy my evenings of crafting and passing the deployment time.

But enough of my distaste for that and deployment survival. Let's move onto my purchases!!!

It was Sunday, July 7th, at 2pm, that we ventured out to the local outdoor gun range to test out some firearms that Dr. Stacey's step-dad was offloading in order to dwindle his personal militia stash. Knowing I was in the market for a small handgun for home defense, a few items were brought out to test. I've been doing extensive research in the handgun department, spent ample time at my local range testing and judging, and just not loving what I was firing. That and being an Oregon resident in California makes for an interesting purchasing set-up. So the Sheriff and I agreed that a sale in Oregon would be ideal while I was up for my vacation.

Mrs. Wookie, we didn't know you're Republican!

I'm not. We're Independents. :) We like guns and recycling. It's the best of both worlds.

So the email that was sent to Mr. Wookie on the boat a couple months ago, "Hey babe, just an FYI: I'm buying a gun while you're gone" finally came into fruition. He couldn't be more supportive. He can only imagine what it's like to be left on land while he's not home. He's my support. He's my burly man. He's my housemate that likes to clean the kitchen (seriously, it sucks without him!). And if I'm bringing in a new toy for him to play with, he's a 'yes.'

But back to the gun range which cost $5/shooter on the honor system. Oh, Oregon, so trustworthy!

Option #1: Great. Option #2: Nope. Turns out I hate revolvers. Option #3: same. Option #4: No Glocks.

So after waiting 3 days before any large-scale purchase (shoes are the only item that don't get this treatment), I gave the go-ahead to get it! EEEEEeeeeeeek! So excited. While 'she' still is in Oregon and yet to have a name, there's a new additional to the Wookie & Co. arsenal.

Now who's joining me at the gun range on Wednesdays?!?!? (It's Ladies Night then!)

And of course, any trip to Oregon couldn't be without some purchasing of Beaver Gear to add to my collection. Yes, I tried the shirt on in the aisle at Target because I was too lazy. Yes, I'm wearing a skirt like a Duggar. Yes, I went shooting in the skirt earlier that day. Yes, I need therapy. It's called 4 ice cubes, 1.5 ounces of Stoli vodka, and 2 ounces of tonic. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

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