Friday, July 19

So there I the Motherland of Orygun.

If there's any question to the "bat shit crazy" status that may inhabit my heart about my homestate, it's confirmed when 2 days before I was to be home that WE'RE HIKING AT DAWN!!!! Okay, okay, dawn in Hometown, Oregon is 'round the crack of 5:00am. But still, we were at Dr. Stacey Kervorkian's house come 6:30am for some sweat, laughs, and ice cold refreshments atop Pilot Rock. While it's not a ball-busting endeavor, it made for a great start to my unofficial halfway party to myself.

So in celebration of the 4th of July, while Mr. Wookie was enduring Groundhog's Day aboard the USS Boat Food Sucks, I was breathing deeply in the smells of eco-friendly people, rocking a headband like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, and enjoying the company of a friend not seen in YEARS. Oh, and getting The Sheriff out for a mid-morning stroll with his FAVORITE daughter. I'm high on the trust fund ranking. Trust me. I have large eyes. That's winning. ;)

In parts, it did get a little treacherous. While the hike was considered "easy," the footing was not. There wasn't any blood, but there were a few curse words.

But the Sheriff did have refreshments waiting at the top. :)

The Sheriff's "selfie."

Do you like Flock of Seagulls??

And this is the most we made of the ascent. I'll be honest, I got scared. We're on the flattest part of the whole rock formation. It would (smartly) require technical gear to traverse the steep vertical of flat rock that made it to the top. And thaaaaat's something that didn't fit in my overhead compartment. Next time.

"Make it look like you're clinging for life, falling off the rocks??"

Oregon. You treat a girl right.

And the hike out. Apparently one beer, early in the morning, after the uphill of a hike isn't right. I get excited and need to take 'walking' pictures of our traverse out.

I miss you already, Oregon.

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