Monday, July 29

Meow Monday: Nelson Mandela Kitty

It's been more of a habit than we'd like, but this Little Girl (<- her nickname since the name on her "birth certificate" by Mr. Wookie isn't my first choice) has become quite the carrier kitty. So maybe Nelson Mandela is a bad reference. Maybe more like Robert Downey, Jr. (you and outta the slammer quite a bit). 

There have been some "life developments" that caused me to pretend I didn't own a cat, and thusly forcing this furry feline to take up residence in the garage of a wife of a fellow deployed aviator. I would sneak into the garage like a ninja, then sneak back out, then text, "The kitty has landed." She would then go into the garage and love up on this sweet little thing who barely tops the charts at 8lbs. Why the garage? Because she owns TWO cats that top 15LBS each - and. they. don't. like. her. So the garage it is so I don't pay for facial reconstruction surgery.

After work, I would make the extra drive past my own home to come get my "child." It was kinda like doggy day care...but feline...and free.

Then after I pick her up and closed all the doors, I open the crate so she can get comfortable again. One long cry denotes that she's had enough of the back-and-forth of homes. So she lays in my lap while I try my best to keep the thighs parallel while driving a manual transmission (easier said than done).

And yes, I took all these lovely photos while cruising around town. America's Next Top Mobile Photographer? Why yes please. You can't match this skill. But you can easily surpass it.

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