Tuesday, July 23

Mrs. Wookie's 1st shoe purchase of deployment.

Mommy McD, I know what you're thinking?? "You bought one pair of shoes for each month he was detached last year, why only 'just 1 pair' now?"

Well...see...last year I was a hot mess sleeping that slept in the guest room because my own bedroom was too painful to be in (the concept of sleeping in my own bed without a dog had me balling my eyes out at night), so the guest room was my escape. Oh, and last year I bought shoooooes galore to help fill me void of slobber and band-aid my feelings.

This year we're in a much better mindset to tackle life and Murphy's Laws bullshit.

So last Friday I dabbled my way over to the Naturalizer Outlet on my lunch break just to see what was there (Outlets: because who pays full price anymore?).

Hello red-with-white-polka-dots flats. How are you? You come here often?

It was barely over a year ago that my red leather flats took to a meeting with The Shoe Maker and went towards the Light. It was 4th of July, the squadron was gone and I was filling my weekends with family events that thankfully got me in the shower, presentable, and out of the house. It was late that night and it was cloudy, and I was being summoned into the beach tide by two sisters who may have nearly convinced me to procreate if it wasn't for their meltdowns (good Lord, girls have meltdowns - how my parents survived three of us, I don't know). So there my red flats died in the California surf. Drowning in a blaze of...glory...suds and frigid West Coast water.

Two deaths last year. Damn, 2012 f**king sucked.

But hey, it's a new year. And I turn...29...again. ;) And I've got red shoes on my side.