Thursday, September 26

If I could put a song on repeat.

I'm in love with this song. If I could lay in bed, after a glass of wine, and have it never stop...I would. I repeated the words in my head at my desk all day deep in my work.

It resonates in me.

I just want to drive to the hangar, wait the unbelievable amount of time for the planes to arrive, welcome Mr. Wookie home from a fly-in, and feel the biggest hug in my life.

But instead, the Donut of Misery lays in a perpetual state of "We don't know."

So I listen to this song as it propels me through.

I accidentally cuddled with my partner-in-deployment-crime last weekend. It was an honest mistake. I rolled over in the middle of the night. I felt a sharp elbow into my face. I thought nothing of it. I brushed the elbow aside and continued my sleep next to the warm body enveloped by my bed. I recalled the last night Mr. Wookie had in the old place; the night before he deployed. I barely slept, yet I slept so deep. The last time I'd be comfortable next to his billowing body, I sunk into his scent next to me. Yet I was jarred awake last weekend when I realized the body next to me is fully feminine and missing the same in life (her boyfriend is Mr. Wookie's bunk-mate on the USS Ship Happens).

So tonight I finish the wine bottle split with the same friend. I put the leftovers away for lunch another day. And I keep hitting repeat of this song. Eventually I'll be able to say, "Just hold on, we're going home."


  1. The first time I heard this song, I couldn't make sense of it at all. But damn that Drake. Now I can't get it out of my head & bust it out at completely inappropriate moments. I'm so sorry for you & that damn "don't know" shit. Keep holding on, girl.

  2. My "on repeat" song is "Inner Ninja".

    I roll awesome like that.

  3. first of all...loooooove the song. I still can't get enough Pink and Nate Reuss - just give me a reason. I just can't get enough of! I think I need to get a new song, LOL. Best story of my bloggy day...sometimes a deployment cuddle is what you need :)

    so next time you're close to DC...we should get some wine. I don't know why I thought you were farther away but I saw your comment on Ashley's post today. There's a ton of us here..we need a mil gal hang out :)