Monday, September 16

Military Monday: Party Time (Yes, please!)

Is it really Monday again?!? I haven't even gotten over the awe that I assisted in draining a lot of wine bottles this week. It was the weekend of indulgence, but that's not because Homecoming is nearer. It's because my weekend was spent with ladies who also crank out those paychecks and needed bonding DINKdom-style by traveling the California coastline and enjoying the fermented grape juice that's to offer.

But let's get to Ashley's "Military Monday" this week, shall we??

And yes, that elephant of the Enlisted vs Officer was a big one. But it seems that the blogosphere is modernized and realizes that there are always fantastic women associated with each rank. Then there are the bitches. But who cares about them? :)

This week's theme: PARTY TIME!

And what does the aviation community do best?? P.a.r.t.y. Why? Because they gotta!!

What's been your favorite military-related party to throw or attend? I'm not talking fancy schmancy balls with gowns & updo's. I mean the low-key, Pinterest-abled parties! :)

While I do love a good Hawkeye Ball (it's the annual event that celebrates the community and passes along the great honor of Hawkeye Pilot of the Year and Hawkeye Window Licker [NFO] of the Year), it's the informal events that really take the cake since the true personalities are at their highest potential. My absolute favorite events are called "Hail and Bail" - it's where the newest check-ins are hazed and welcomed, while the outbound aviators leave their quips of wisdom and mockery for those left behind.

We're nearer and nearer to Mr. Wookie's Bail which makes me very nostalgic for our time in California.

The short answer is that these events ooze camaraderie.

The long answer is that events like these are how call signs are created. They can get crazy. And there's nothing I love better than people watching. :) Oh, and the college rule may or may not apply: Don't fall asleep with your shoes on. ;)

Have you thrown one for your significant other? Or attended one with an awesome theme for someone ranking up? Maybe a fun retirement party? Or a going away party for some great military friends?

To answer Ashley's questions, no, I've never thrown one of these legendary parties. I've only attended. And Rule #1 of Hail and Bails: NO PICTURES. So I can only pique your interest with the entertainment value that happens. They're rowdy and morale boosting. And it's a time when you can watch the spousal counterparts interact as a whole. And yes, I've seen quite a bit. I've seen "Flip Cup" by a new mom with her baby in the Ergo, I've seen Junior Officers get drug into the trampoline to play, "Break the egg," and I may or may not have hid behind a suburban with seasoned wives while we enjoyed cigars and made sure no children saw 'mommy' smoking.

While there's not a lot going on while our guys are away, other than wining and whining with shared dinners on the weekends; their (now eventual) return will bring a new wave of Bails since there are three aviators slated to check-out before it's Mr. Wookie's time. He's in the final 4. Eeeeeeeeek. And I can only assume the drastic length that JOPA (Junior Officer Protection Agency) will resurrect to "make up for lost time" since boarding that USS When You Coming Home? back in the Spring. And yes, I'm all in. :)

The military lifestyle is something different. And within each community (aviation, sub, surface, nerds nukes, etc.) is their own breakdown of tradition. The aviation community is a family of living large where "work hard, play hard" is a common weekend occurrence. There have been times where Mr. Wookie will take off in the very early morning for a day of deep-sea fishing and not return until well after dark. There are other times where there's an impromptu golf tournament between Officers, winner takes all the $$$. And then there's the good, ol' fashioned BBQs on the water where the Jimmy Buffett is on the Jambox, the coolers are stuffed with beer, and the shit is shot while taking in the California sun.

And I wouldn't trade this life for the world; despite the ulcers, annoyance, tears, and Bevmo receipt that comes with the territory. :)

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  1. My husband is an LS for an air squadron (I can't remember if I spell that out on the blog or if you even happened to catch that if I did). They are some rowdy dudes, no doubt about it. And I haven't even seen all the fun Officer craziness you speak of. Now...we head to the surface side as he goes Officer. Only slightly terrified of never seeing him again for more than a month at a time. Cheers to wine! :)