Friday, September 27

It's my 26th Friday alone.

And with that I have no energy to be creative. So I stole from the Daybook Blog (hello, Mormon fashion bloggers - I love you!) this little quip of filler. You're welcome.

Making: many memories of "deployment survival" with my fellow ladies. This is what I've been most excited about with the entire Navy lifestyle. The camaraderie of those "left behind." I've got this homefire burning at a decent pace. But I never imagined I'd be on call for baby labor!

Cooking: decently healthy meals that are occasionally deflected with the necessary In 'N Out for sanity's reasons.

Drinking: Old Moon Old Vine Zin (it's okay)

Reading: Eights on the Move! Her hubby just selected OSC for SWO-hood! Congrats!

Looking: forward to an eventual Homecoming, but not too soon. Life doesn't work that way.

Playing: with Mommy McD in a handful of days. Can you imagine it's been 3 years?!?!? We're going to DIE!

Wasting: the evening hours on avoiding my laundry.

Sewing: station just got set-up since moving in.

Wishing: that I could put a hug into email format for the boy on the boat.

Enjoying: Old Moon Old Vine Zin ;)

Waiting: for more information on Homecoming.

Liking: how sales have picked up at work and I'm busy from 8-5pm.

Wondering: if I'll ever keep a spotless home.

Loving: the few Bulldogs on Instagram that leave me with a blushing love for our next family member. Hello new furry, four-legged love!

Hoping: peace since the aircraft news of Sunday morning.

Marveling: at my strength at deployment. I'm hearing I'm pretty solid.

Needing: a personal assistant to help with laundry, cleaning, car care, and dinners.

Smelling: Old Moon Old Vine Zin ;)

Wearing: a shirt of Mr. Wookie's.

Following: in the footsteps of many military families before: experiencing deployment.

Noticing: my knack as a hermit is stronger than ever. And thankfully I'm able to convince visitors over to my new house to entertain me.

Knowing: Mr. Wookie will be home when life allows it.

Thinking: about all the tacky/cheezy signs at Homecoming.

Feeling: that tacky/cheezy isn't my style at all. What about, "Hey, didn't you just leave?"

Bookmarking: more deployment projects despite it being many moons since he left

Opening: a tab at the local wine store. #just kidding #Iwish 

Feeling: hopeful.

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