Wednesday, September 11

In less than 30 days is my birthday. Gulp.

In a far, far away land, in an alternative universe lives a Mrs. Wookie of my dreams. There are magic potions to avoid any signs of aging, wet nurses, surrogates, and trust funds assist the necessary procreation for redheads, and I have an unlimited gift card to Bevmo.

But sadly, I don't live in that reality.

I'm developing minor lines winging from my eyes thanks to excessive smiling (oh, such a curse - the smiling!), I sense the metabolism slowing slightly with the creep-age to the brink of Metamucil, and I'm starting to panic that my Roth IRA doesn't have $100,000.00 in it like I imagined when I opened it back at the start of my 20's.

But sadly, life's goes on.

Birthdays are meant to be exciting; they're meant to be looked forward to; they're meant to bring loved ones together in celebration. And a little gift gifting ain't hurt no one.

So I've got some questions for you, dear readers. Please, help an about-to-turn-30 Mrs. Wookie out! Leave yo' comments!

Dear Parents,

I want a dutch oven for my birthday.



The Sheriff and I have discussed dutch ovens a bit. He has a 7-qt Le Creuset (purchased by the kids jointly thanks to a MEGA deal), but he's got a decent dinner guest count in Hometown, Oregon. I a boy that's deployed (until when?? Who knows). And there's no getting pregnant tomorrow - I don't own a turkey baster...nor the above-mentioned wet nurse, surrogate, or trust fund.

So here's my conundrum. What size do you I get? I struggled fitting my 3-lb pot roast (with potatoes and carrots) into a cute little casserole dish the other week. Will this fit in the 5qt? Do I aim large and get the 7-plus qt despite not having a Duggar-sized crew at my dinner table??

Aaaaaand, what about THE COLOR CHOICES!?!! I'm a Libra. Deciding what coffee creamer to use in the morning is a chore. Spending $100+ (I mean, with my parents spending $100+) is not the time to be flippant on color options.

Oh the turmoil of this almost-birthday girl. Never have First World Problems been so nail-biting.

And the question continues: Does size matter? What do you own?

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  1. Love my Le Creuset! I just have a 27 cm oval, 3 1/2 qt - that size works well for me and my husband (the baby still eats at the boob, no roasts or casseroles yet). Personally, I would do the 5 quart if you're going to use it for just you guys and maybe a few guests. But, I don't often do a roast, just not my style I guess. But if someone is gifting you it, then maybe it makes sense to get a 7 qt. Conundrum!

    I have a red one, but I got it for a steal! I live within walking distance to Chefs Catalog outlet store, and sometimes the Le Creuset boxes get mutilated so they can't sell it via the catalog. I got mine for a hundred bucks! So, I wasn't going to be picky about the color. Anyway, big decision, my friend.

    And, finally, my yoga teacher and I were discussing our 30's in class the other day - we apparently we the old maids that day. Hands down, our 30's are way better, way better than our 20's. No contest. You've got all the figuring out who you are bullshit out of the way.