Monday, December 2

25 Days of Christmas: The Christmas List.

In continuing the trend of 25 Days of Christmas, on schedule (mind you!), our next topic is:

2.) What's on your Christmas list?

Ahhhh, yes....this one is a doozy. The Christmas list. The make it once, check it twice, re-edit for budgetary requirements since siblings don't have the funds the parentals do, submit to the family in a massive email, and then continue "Reply-to-All" so they're aware of updates since half the family isn't on PInterest to do an accurate stalking of daily activity.

Did you get all that?

To be completely honest, I don't know what to do about Christmas. We've been mute on the topic, minus Facebook (since I keep a separation between military life and work life), but there are Orders for us in the near future (time frame: 3 months). So what do you ask for when you're just about to pack up your life and trudge elsewhere? Exactly. I don't know either.

My Pinterest board could use the work, but I find working hard and playing hard way more fun than updating a Pinterest board for things that people can buy me. I've hit a recent "I don't need anything" phase with our impending relocation. Why buy me something that has to stay in the box until we move? Or what if it doesn't work with our next home? Or what if it....breaks?

Something You Want
What do I want? Minus a lobotomy? Oh, just another human in the home.

Something You Need
I honestly don't need anything. Okay, I lied. I need a new timing belt in my car since I'm 10,000 miles overdue. Dear Dad, you can add this to my list. Thanks!

Something You'll Wear
Well I'll always wear Gap Tall, Old Navy Tall, Banana Republic Tall, JCrew Tall, Loft Tall, Ann Taylor Tall, and every other store that slings tall-built dresses for us lanky, long-torso'd, life-could-be-worse ladies.

Something You'll Read
How about an instructional guide on what to wear to a Navy Homecoming Fly-In? I'd read that front and back, left and right, and probably search for chat rooms just to confirm that I'm not looking to corporate, or too lazy, or too poor, or too slutty. I'm honestly at a loss and the shopping in my area has left me saddened that I'll be reworking my own closet for that special day. Lame.

Have you welcomed home a long-lost aviator? What'd did you wear? What time of year was it? Did you keep the jacket on since the hangar is windy? Is black too depressing of a color?

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