Monday, December 9

25 Days of Christmas: Ornaments and Memories!

Sorry we're a little behind in all of this - sometimes a girl just has to catch a cold and then get drunk off hot toddys in order to avoid the pain of constant mucus running from my face (I literally had to sleep with hankies on my pillow because my nose just. wouldn't. stop). But let's get to the action!

6.) What's your favorite Christmas ornament?
7.) Most memorable Christmas?
8.) Post a picture of Christmas decor
9.) Easiest person to buy for?
10.) Favorite holiday scent?

Day #6
Our family implemented the new ornament each year until 18 (or so), so the early 80's ones are definitely cute and different since they're wooden and probably coated in lead paint. But my favorite ornaments are the interactive ones. From the bullshit notion that "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings," I do love having a bell on my Christmas tree. Though last year brought this gem:

That boy is just awesome.

Day #7
Somehow I think trying to pull a favorite Christmas is like trying to choose a favorite offspring (but clearly, parents, its me). How do you rank Christmases (or is it Christmasi?) between the different families? I've had some crazy times with my family in Hometown, Oregon; but I'm pretty sure Mr. Wookie claims psychological scars with the amount of people and volume level that typically happens when my family cracks the wine and hangs for the holidays. And there's been great low-key events with Mr. Wookie's side where we pick up candy at the supermarket and then trek to the movies (seriously, genius; no lines!).

So I'm going to answer with "Switzerland." I can't choose. Though, again, this one is pretty special. He'll be home!

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