Sunday, December 8

25 Days of Christmas: GIMME GIMME!

And we're back in 5.......4.......3......2.....1, "Hi, welcome again to the Wookie & Co. daily blogging of all things mistletoe-y, festive, and alcoholic. While, yes, I did contract a strain of sinus cold that kicked my ass to infinity and beyond, I'm Backstreet's back. Now where did we leave off?"

Are you enjoying the fun?!?! Seriously, what's a better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to endlessly talk about yourself and annoy your fellow bloggers with the BEST HOLIDAY SONG EVER (take that Well-Adjusted Pessimist!). ;)

5.) Best gift you've ever received?

OOOOooooooo, now this is a question to question upon questions? (Get that?)

Where do I begin? What category do I discuss? Do I thank my parents for the horizontal polka to which gave me life?? (You're welcome, readers). Where does my hammock rank in the gift list? (It's pretty effin' high up.) What about the sock money wine cover?


I think I'd like to rephrase the question (because I totally can write the rules). Let's convert it to, "What's the best gift you've received yet?" Because seriously, your ______ may later be surpassed by a later-received _______. My 24th birthday was pretty awesome as I was surprised by a weekend trip to Disney World from NAS No Thank You (Pensacola). Christmas 2 years ago brought a fancy shmancy DSLR to my life (which in all seriousness could use a new dog as the perfect theme for 2014, eh Mr. Wookie?).

Best Gift Ever
Port Call: Sorrento, Italy

This guy home for Christmas when it was questionable a couple months ago (we were told to mentally hunker down on 'end of January'). I'm still in shock and can't believe they're almost home. It's definitely a surreal moment after been jacked around to know that there will be another human in my house (other than my fellow girlfriends/wives who stay the night after we slay wine bottles like dragons). We have T-Minus _ days. Can I get an amen?


  1. Amen. Mr Wookie would be a pretty good gift. For you. Unless he's really good at doing dishes and laundry, then he would be a good gift for me, too. :)

  2. Yay! I hope your very special Christmas package arrives soon - bearing gifts from exotic lands, of course.

  3. UHM. HE IS SO skinny. Still looks hunky, though.

    2nd best gift? Me. Because, well, who doesn't need a short person in their tall life?