Tuesday, December 3

25 Days of Christmas: Santa's a Fake, Yo!

In continuing the trend of 25 Days of Christmas, on schedule (woohoo!), our next topic is:

3.) When/How did you learn that Santa wasn't real?

I can't remember the exact year that the jig was up, but it was definitely later thanks to my parents running Navy SEAL night operations to keep the younger sisters still believing on the action. Though that doesn't change the tune of Mama Ging when she found out my dad had farmed out the Easter Bunny's duties to me at like 10 or 11 years old. :)

All parents,

Never let your 10-year-old daughter hide the eggs. She will torment the shit out of her sisters. The eggs will be MacGyver into the most asinine hiding spots. And I'll go back after they've whined and quit, and scoop up the goodness.

Yes, I'm mean.


Get over it.

They don't care. They've developed UGG habits that'll rival the set of Baywatch.

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