Saturday, June 18

let's get ready to WEDDING!

So it's been a week since the first wedding of the season and I think I've recovered. ;)

Do I really hate weddings? Ehhh...I guess not. Do I find them entertaining? No, not really. At least not the wedding ceremony. We all know this blogger loves her some wedding receptions however. Unless you open the bar up pre-ceremony (my hero if you do). But when it's the friend who introduced you to Mr. Wookie some seven-plus years ago, you definitely set plans to be there on his day.

So come 2pm last Sunday, we were ready for a wedding. The venue couldn't have been better, the weather held off the whole time (despite dropping in temperature a couple degrees), and the bride showed up (just kidding!). My only didn't start on time. Tsk tsk.

The boys were mostly ready for their important role of the day: Don't knife the bride. Don't trip the bride. Do try and talk the Groom out of it (just kidding!). Good luck.

The bride looked radiant. Sidenote: I'm not the biggest fan of overdone trends, like the strapless dress. However, this bride pulled it off. She looked fantastic!

Nay to the officiant – she was full of bullshit with sayings like, “Look into her soul.” Gag.

Bride and Groom

Good work boys, with one swift slap on the ass she was "welcomed to the Navy."

Hey, who are those good-looking people? [Again, my hair...not playing well TODAY!] Okay, well either way, I was looking pale while Mr. Wookie was rockin' his Whites. I will say that tall people have weird issues with their neck when taking pictures. #guilty

But let's get to some Yays and Nays to the day!

Nay to the “old people” music at the Reception. There should be a point in the reception where all “air pirates” aka old people just leave and let the young people have their time with the dance floor. Instead, this didn't happen. It took pulling teeth to get Journey played. That should be a crime.

Yay to dancing with Mr. Wookie. Beverages in hand. To the good music.
Yay to the cake being DELICIOUS. This is a MUST for the Wookies. In fact, we stole took two extra pieces to indulge later on. And by later on, I mean breakfast the next morning.

Nay to not planning ahead to post-reception need for food/beverages. What do 4 people do who can’t drive without facing DUI charges? "Umm, hi, we'd like to order a pizza." Sadly that restaurant that I ate at Friday night isn't open on Sundays. #liverfailure

Yay to dancing barefoot all night long. I was slightly afraid that I would be considered a little redneck as I kicked my wedges off. Thank goodness the Bridesmaids followed suit.
Yay to scoring centerpieces at the bride’s request. Actually two...because I'm a klepto and can't say 'no' to free vases. And it was relatively easy traveling with them too!

Nay to the mahi-mahi in the dinner buffet being SEVERELY overcooked and resembling chicken. And Mr. Wookie's chicken resembled overcooked mahi-mahi.

Yay to a heaping salad serving at the Reception. I got the foliage I enjoy, with plenty of variation of accouterments to begin my meal. Yay, hippiness!

Yay to tweeting with ToTheNth and Sespi throughout the Reception despite focusing on having a ruckusy good time. I have priorities. While enjoying wedding receptions is one of them, discussing home brewing is also. I wish ToTheNth loads of luck in her journey!

Nay to people (no, not the bride and groom) we know ‘disappearing” for roughly 30 minutes mid-reception. Hmmm…. ;)

Yay to having a sweet suite at the BOQ for the weekend. I was able to get up at the crack of dawn like I like, go for a short run, enjoy my first breakfast of the day, while letting Mr. Wookie rot away like an old, abandoned corpse of yesteryear.

Yay to having a 30-yard “walk” from Reception site to room. Yes, stairs were navigated successfully, no drinks were spilled, and we promptly changed into jeans and shirts and debated our next move.

Nay to having to leave this beautiful place known as Monterey. We ARE planning a trip back because we didn't get to tackle what we wanted to off the "to do" list!
Nay to the Dress Whites being made of wool. That stuff gets warm for the poor boys.

Yay to not being accosted about “our time being next.”

Yay to our gift. Not to sound stuffy, but ours was a romantic night in with registered wine glasses to which we added our favorite vineyard’s specialty merlot and chocolates. If that doesn't make a baby, it'll at least provide great practice.

Yay to being invited to the rehearsal dinner. I’ve had a previous experience where the bride was…a…umm…bitch and didn’t invite me because Mr. Wookie and I weren’t engaged or already married. This happened to our mutual friends too. So we two ladies (girlfriends of groomsmen) made reservations at the exact same restaurant in the exact same room and we had dinner with just ourselves. We ordered wine, we laughed, we had a better time than the rehearsal dinner so much that the boys wanted to sit with us but Bridezilla forced them not to. That bride could suck my big toe...but I won't go there.

Yay to not having a bouquet toss or garter toss. Bride and Groom thought it unnecessary since most guests are in committed relationships (whether married or Wookie-style) and to nix them both. Sweet.

[Our only iPhone proof of the Reception]

So there you have it. One great weekend watching more people jump into matrimony while indulging ourselves with their fantastic receptions post-ring swap. I've already friended the Bride (per the Groom's request) and am itching to get back to Monterey for another weekend that doesn't involve white dresses and Dress Whites. She's in turn invited us back up to stay with them as they'd love to host such great guests.

Oh...."Hi, doggy hotel?...We have Sweet Pea, Party of Dog-Aggressive One."


  1. When I was dress shopping/trying on about 3 years ago it was nearly impossible to find a dress that wasn't strapless, fortunately my mom is an awesome dress maker/designer and we made my own. It sounds like the reception was a laid back good time - my favorite kind! We're going to a wedding next weekend with our aggressive little Chihuahuas in tow. Yay for aggressive dogs. Gorgeous photos - the weather, grounds, and wedding look spectacular!

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love reading your weeding reports. They are always entertaining.

  3. Looks like you had a pretty decent time! I'm off to a wedding at the Academy in late July, and I'm really looking forward to the cocktail hour ;)
    You officially have yourself a new follower since you're pretty damn hilarious. I have my fingers, toes, bra straps (and anything else I can think to cross) crossed for Honey's next set of orders to be to Monterey for PG school in January. I can't wait to get there!

  4. First, let me just say that you write the best wedding wrap-ups ever. Second, you and Mr. Wookie are a mighty fine-looking couple. Third, your reception tweeting was both hilarious and informative; I shall keep you posted (whether you're actually interested or not!) in my homebrewing adventures. :-D

  5. love the write up! Love monterey, love weddings in monterey....
    just a tip- make some jewish friends, they have drinking before the ceremony!

  6. Yay to the location! My husband and I got married at the NPS a decade ago. Cute pics! Brought back wonderful memories. Sad to say though that my husband and I weren't able to duck out for a half an hour. Maybe when we renew our vows...