Thursday, June 9

where mrs. wookie organizes the chaos

Technically. Although this bed has seen better days where it actually has sheets and a blanket made up and not piles of laundry. You see, we're on the brink of Wedding Season for the Wookie & Co. crowd so the laundry is a busy stream of production.

Mr. Wookie's been gone so the bed usually falls into disarray because he's not home to care. I give myself free license to DO WHATEVER. Keeping the "home fires" lived in.

But now he's home. He's added a pile of dirty clothes to the pile and the remaining stinky boxers, blue shirts, and flight suits. And there's packing for this next trip that's on the horizon.

That horizon is tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I am highly protective of my bed and have issues with an exposed mattress. Clearly, you are a much braver and stronger woman than I. Hope this trip is a quick one!