Friday, June 3

Who schedules an 0745 promotion???

Who's now officially an LT?? Mr. Wookie! Technically speaking his commissioning date was late May, but we're just now getting to the ceremony of it all. I was definitely more excited this morning than he because we've waited so long to not be a lowly Ensign (O-1) or almost-there Junior Grade (O-2).

So you weren't a reader back when he was promoted to LTJG Wookie, read here!

And in keeping with tradition of never having these things scheduled in advance, this morning's promotion was supposed to be Wednesday afternoon, then it got moved to Thursday because of some "freedom defending" exercises, then it was back to Wednesday, but was moved to Friday morning because that was the only availability.

This blogger doesn't like to operate on 0745 promotion timeframes. Oh wait, Uncle Sam doesn't give a shit and will make me wake up at 5am in order to look gorgeous (you have to say it like Barbra Streisand though).

I'm just very happy Mr. Wookie let me join in on the festivities. He's not one for hoopla-ing his rank or a "Go Navy!" attitude. Instead, he quietly performs the duties of his responsibilities with the utmost best of his abilities. He's not one to boast or brag unless it involves his beverage-making skills (he will vocalize that). So I wasn't surprised when he said, "Woman, you don't even have to come." [Yes, he speaks to me like that. Yes, I call him, "Man" in return.] Yes, I know I don't have to...I WANT to. I wanted to follow this lifestyle and I'm happy to do so. He makes me happy, proud, and everything not-stereotypical to the Navy life. [Woah, heavy on the sap, eh?]

Let's just get to the shiny new gear.

Since this is a functioning squadron and not a training squadron (where everyone is around the same age), there are a wide array of commissioning dates. So only Mr. Wookie and one other squadronmate were promoted today. Normally it's a big deal with lots of promotions, beverages served (I love this), and some sort of food afterwards at the Officer's Club. But here in just-north-of-Malibu, it was a down and dirty ceremony and business as usual afterwards. There were no beverages, no lunches, and there is no "O-Club" here. Not that we're regular frequenters.

I'm a little butt-hurt my hair looks haggard, but I guess I'll get over that. I promise I straightened it this morning. The Commanding Officer aka the "Skipper" is a great guy who help me with the other side as I fumbled with the "frogs" (the back pinning of the insignia). I was paranoid in making sure the new "train tracks" weren't lop-sided. Plus, the holes went in the complete opposite direction than the singular "JG" bar. So there was no using the same 2 holes (that's what she said)!

Fun fact: These are Mr. Wookie's original ROTC khakis and the same name tag. He hates khakis despite being a "brown shoe" (aka an aviator - they have brown shoes vs. non-aviation Navy black shoes). He hates any uniform other than his flight suit. Okay, this may be where Mr. Wookie boasts about his Navy lifestyle just a little.

Post-promotion I tried to get pictures of us in front of his aircraft, but sadly they were being pulled out for flights as we got down to the hangar. What the heck? I'm important too! So those pictures will have to wait. Boo.

And traditionally there's the "wetting down" party which includes taking the difference of new monthly pay amount vs the old monthly pay amount and throwing a party. The few promotion groups this Spring plan on joining forces (like Captain Planet) because a bigger budget makes for a better function (we agree). These functions are usually alcohol-fueled where costumes are the norm, embarrassing stories are created, and cameras aren't permitted. So that'll occur later, hopefully not when we have a race on the horizon and vacations in the pipeline. Because I want to enjoy too, dammit.

I know I fielded quite the "So what are you going to do with the extra money now?" line up of questions. Apparently sometimes Knives (aka Wives) have a firm clasp on the bank account and only give their husbands allowances (WTF?). We're not like that.

What are we going to do with it? Be smart about it. Mr. Wookie wasn't lucky enough to get a 4-year scholarship during his stint in ROTC, so instead he took out student loans for the first 2 years like a lot of other people. He needed to survive. So that "extra" monthly income is just more money towards his student loans. I was a bit different; I paid for college from working on a wildland fire team (you make serious money) and with help from my parents, so I didn't have student loans.

That's what I'm going to do with the money. Support him in becoming debt-free.


  1. That's what she said! hahaha

    Tell Mr. Wookie congrats!

  2. Congrats to the "Man" & to you! And your hair looked GORGEOUS - just like BStrei would say it :)

  3. Congrats! Totally smart to get those loans paid down. That's where all of our extra money goes, other than my car lease, student loans are our only debt (but we have A LOT of those and by we I mean OccDoc).

    Hey, so I had a client the other day at the massage studio who jacked up his back like super bad. Anyway, his dad does something important with the OSU sports team, and I said, "OMG, is that the Beavers?" He taught it was weird that some girl in Utah knew that. Props to you!

  4. Congrats to Mr. Wookie. The pictures you did get are great. I don't understand the allowances either. We each know what is coming in and where it is going when it goes out. And I think you are smart for paying down the student loans.