Thursday, September 1

Have you missed me? I've missed you.

I've been extremely MIA as we've been preparing to move, packing to move, actually moving, unpacking, designated driving, recycling, and sleeping.

Our recycling bin is full. This Mega Cardboard Crag (Global Guts, anyone?) needs to be "Night Op's" back to our old place so we can dump it in their recycling dumpster.

There's been draining our funds for the first month's rent and security deposit. There's been scouring the new lease for every minute detail we may need to know. There was reading the new CCR's. There was immense crying ala Farrah from Teen Mom (details to come, for sure). There was intense smiling as our first morning involved opening the back door with a cup of coffee in hand telling the dog to go out. There were 3 boys who helped us move. There were 2 cases of beer purchased for those boys in payment for their assistance. There was one Chinese FireDrill on the way back from a beer run, where those boys decided to run around my car. And there was the Drunk Bus Shuttle system when they had finished their fun and wanted a ride home.

Within 48 hours of our last box leaving the old place, we were 80% moved in. We were on a mission. It helped greatly that Mr. Wookie took 5 days of leave (requested a month ago) "just in case we didn't have a place confirmed yet and were on the mission to Find New Digs NOW!" Thankfully, the new lease was signed a week prior and we were just waiting for a non-working weekend where boys would want to sweat like Nike workers sewing shoes in China. That day was last Saturday and we've been smiles since then. Our old keys are gone and we're looking forward to pimpin' out the new digs. So come on Labor Day sales this weekend - we need a BBQ for 20% off!

Oh, and internet is helpful, so thanks to yesterday for making that happen.

Maybe blogging will return to its normal quantity of postage. Or maybe I'll be too busy scrolling for a hammock that comes with a cup holder so I can enjoy my vodka tonic in the reclined position. Now that'd be an idea for a dentist. Liquid therapy...where needles aren't necessary.

And I totally picked out an eye booger. Where are those cotton balls again?

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