Sunday, July 31

Middle Sister's Bachelorette!

Welcome to Santa Barbara and Middle Sister & Bridal Party's pricey (expensive because it's Santa Barbara) bachelorette party to celebrate her last days of singledom!

[source: Middle Sister's profile]

I agree with your face. I don't like veils either. I think they're a waste of fabric. I don't do 'Pin the penis on the hunk.' I don't bob for balls. I do eat penis cake, though. Just no coconut as hairy balls. I don't like anything coconut.

[source: bridesmaid's Facebook]

But I can be so proud of excessive drinking as celebration! Not only is she smiling with a tequila shot in her hand (who smiles when told to drink tequila??), but the caption was "Middle Sister+Tequila=Good Night!" I'm proud. Very proud.

It's the final countdown to the ol' ball and chain, and she's ready. Heck, we're all ready! She wants to get to it, and the rest of us want to boogie down and party with them. Reception's (according to Wookie & Co.) aren't for receiving the bride and groom, they're for receiving one heck of a party because of the nuptials. And I've yet to ask what kind of music will be playing, so I don't know how to limber up yet. Will there be limbo? Chicken dance? Crunk music? Do I need to bring a flat of cardboard to breakdance?

We can't wait for wedding week either. Mainly because we'll be back in Oregon and it takes nuptials to make that happen! Baby Sister, you next to get married? Destination maybe? And don't disturb me Wednesday before the wedding. I'll be with the bridal party getting my nails did. This blogger has to look good.

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  1. My vote goes to the Wook and Ging destination wedding. How about the Caribbean?
    Besides, Hayley's still in school, and she plays by the rules.
    So......,,How 'bout giving the Sheriff, Mama Ging, Mama Wook, the Terry, and Granmoose, and the rest of the families a fun-filled vacae to the tropics?