Tuesday, March 13

alone in the kitchen with leftovers.

In the alert of a text, life can completely change. Life can go from preparing to send Mr. Wookie on the boat to "Boat cancelled." Screeeeech - whaaaaaaaaa?? They can just do that? Apparently they can. And so now I have a caveman to still be in the home when I was so excited to put my on my flannel sheets, sleep with Pooch, not shave my legs (oh wait, that's still the same), and enjoy wine at 7:00pm while the sun is STILL up.

Oh, Daylight Savings...I've missed you. It's depressing to have the sun go down before 6:00pm. This is the beginning to an epic summer season - there'll be hammock time, cocktail time, beach time, swimsuit time, Mr. Wookie time, travel time, work-up time, and camping time. There's nothing like a SoCal summer.

But tonight I was on my own for dinner, so I just fried up some leftover kabobs and threw them over some white rice. Boring white rice. A bowl of white rice that really has no value in the home minus stirfry and rice pudding. So I did just that. I ate some dinner, then I was Jonesing for some rice pudding.

Yes, some people think rice pudding is for those with dentures.

Trust me. It's not. It's delicious.

I grew up on this stuff. The Sheriff is known for delectable hot cereal and rice pudding fixin's. I learned to love all of these and routinely make them for myself. Because some mornings require a lil 'stick-to-your-ribs' breakfast good stuff without the timeframe that bacon takes in the oven (only heathens fry bacon!).

So tonight my stove enjoyed a 45-minute field trip to the land of leftover rice, raisins, and cinnamon.

 Oh, and my Nikon battery was low, so fabulous Android pictures is what you get!

Are you a hot cereal fan? Oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal? Or maybe Cream of Wheat? Syrup or brown sugar? Or perhaps cold milk on top?

Are you not a hot cereal fan? Have you tried converting? Do you know what you're missing?

What's your favorite way to flavor hot cereals??


  1. Ooo yum! I love Rice pudding. Grits with brown sugar is my favorite way to eat hot cereal.

  2. I just want to point out that I completely agree.. it's just not right for the sun to go down before 6. EVER. :)