Monday, March 26

What do you say when...

...when someone mentions they're not on birth control? And married...

"You know you can get pregna".......Oh, you probably want that. you know you won't be able to imbibe? It's practically detox.

Obviously babies are far from my mind. I don't see 4:30am unless I'm at a late night wake remembering our friend who passed in January, telling stories in his honor, eating smores, partaking in a few social cigarettes (yup, I had 2...because it's only fitting for one hand to have a clear Solo cup of sangria and the other a fag).


  1. You know you are getting older when friends are getting knocked up on purpose and your first reaction is "congrats" not "are you sure?".
    I'm with you on the no procreating.

  2. Because I'm a bad person, my reaction is one of horror because I immediately put myself in that person's shoes. Like you, I only belatedly realize that pregnancy is probably a desired outcome. I generally like other people's children, but having one of my own terrifies me. Also, I just recently discovered gin and tonics (how did I make it over a quarter of century without them?) and I am not ready to end our blossoming relationship. Especially not with a deployment looming.

  3. Meg, Gin and tonics are one of the many reasons to avoid spawning! Best. drink. ever. I concur, I have never gotten the idea of babies. I still stay up until 3am reading and like to make plans to do things. Babies, pfft, they just cramp my style, unless I can give them back to their rightful owner.

  4. How about "Jesus Christ, don't you know how freaking EXHAUSTING children are??? WHYYYY????". But my kids are also buttheads and I miss sleep, so...don't take my advice. :)