Saturday, March 24

The Jonestown Hammock Massacre

Yup, I've done it again. I've lost ya. I've gone mornings, lunch breaks, evenings, walks with Pooch, welcome-home-from-late-night-flight kisses, dinner, dishes, laundry without even thinking of this here blog. And it's not that I mean to - thanks to Uncle Sam and Mr. Wookie, I've been busier than ever.

Mr. Wookie is here. Although technically speaking, he's physically here. No, he's not in a coma. No, he's not forced to sleep in the BOQ on base (although that may be nice). No, instead he's been working his tail off with 12+ hour days, then he comes home where's been a zombie student (or student zombie) finishing up coursework for his Master's classes this term. So essentially, he's been here but not. And I'm kinda wishing he just wasn't here. Because then I wouldnn't have to do the cooking for two, extra laundry, and extra cleaning that comes with him being home - because sadly, he hasn't been much of an addition to the home. Instead, he's stuck sitting at his desk bitching at his computer, zen music on repeat in the hopes that it settles him down and helps pump out that paper-age (that's plural for writing papers). And I'm forced to live in the house like a monk (get it? silent.). Wah wah.

Thank goodness for today (plus you get an assload of pictures. Just wait for it. Pun upcoming).

Enter hammock. Enter a weekend of intended showers and shitty weather (showers for you none Pacific Northwesterners isn't a deluge of water at once, it's intermittent throughout the day, varying in severity and quantity, but just overall squashing any yardwork plans you may have). Enter leaving Vons this morning after grocery shopping and sweating my butt off since I wore layers as it was cloudy and cold this morning.

Viva. Hammock love.

It's the weekend. And this is what I'm choosing to wear. Yes, I went shopping in it. Because I'm young(ish) and I don't care.'s less laundry to do. And yup, now I'm just rambling. What about that time I went 6 days in between cocktails. I know, shocking right? Sometimes all you want is a lemonade, iced tea, spot o' tea, water, Gatorade, E-mer-gen-C (when your boss is sick), or horchata instead. Weird...I know...(sorry, rambling....)

See how I don't mention the assload yet...

What is she doing? Oh, probably playing DrawSomething...or discussing this evening's plans on Facebook. Comedy show with the "Knives Group?" Don't mind if I do!

I was even mean enough to lock the dog inside the house today while I enjoyed the sun. Because nothing ruins the zen-like moment like clickclickclickclick of dog nails on the ground. I want peace and comfort time.

And then again, I succumb to the relaxation of the hammock. Face down, ass up....

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