Sunday, March 25

Maybe I should be on Hoarders.

There once a weekend spent cleaning out the cobwebs of the closet. It was spring cleaning time and after tackling the filing cabinet (purge, purge, purge!), I got to my momentos (those collectables from various trips and accomplishments). Sometimes it's nice to see where you've come from and how you're making life happen. I love seeing old pictures of Mr. Wookie and I in the throes of long distance. While it did wonders for our sanity and all the detachments we're currently in and the deployment that's later this year, I still can't believe we thought it a good idea.

Either way, that's not the story of this post as I can ramble a million words about how I couldn't have lost my job at a better time.

There's an internal battle that brews in my siblings and I's heart - a battle that's not a pretty one. We're born with....wait for it...a slight hoarding gene. Not bad enough for my mom to actually appear on Hoarders (yet), but she's definitely kept her fair share of items that should have been pitched long before. I can already here my siblings now commenting... I classify my mom as a "sentimentalist."

While hoarders will have barns full of ammunition, tractor parts, and just weird stuff, my mom keeps other things. Like the pregnancy tests from both my sisters. Mom, let those go. That's just gross. You peed on those things. You already have the mental scars of a whiny baby (Middle Sister) and an always-hungry baby (Baby Sister). That's enough proof. Toss the stick.

My mom also has this salmon-colored, cowl neck sweater from the 80's one of my uncles gave to her. It's a semi-crop waist'd number that's near and dear to her heart because one of her brother's actually bought her an awesome gift (which I can totally relate to - Brother bought me yoga pants from Target like 5 years ago for Christmas and they're still my favorist lounge wear still [good job Bro!].

And so...the gene....rears it's ugly head in this particular blogging offspring. There are times where I do the same. Oh, I totally need to keep this article of clothing because I once wore it to something important. Or Oh, I totally need to keep this book because I read it once for a college course and it totally makes me look smart while on my bookshelf. Or Oh, I totally need to keep all the Congrulations! cards from my college graduation because....IS THIS A FUCKING GIFT CARD I NEVER USED???!?!?!!?

Right there. In front of me. Staring back with "are you an idiot?" plastered all over it was a shiny, white,...Crate & Barrel gift card. "Congratulations Ashley!!! Best- Laura" How in the world did I miss this? How did I not use this up IMMEDIATELY. It's C&B. It's divinity. It's...still loaded?!?!?!?! So I call the number on the back of the Crate & Barrel gift card (I awesome could this be!)....


Dude....I'm $20 richer. Rollin' in those Benjamins. Or Lincolns...whatever. But damn, I came running outta my office faster than a bootlegger during Prohibition. "Babe! Guess what!??! I just found a gift card from 5 years ago. AND IT STILL HAS MONEY ON IT!!!"

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Yes, I know the dollar isn't as strong as it once was, but HEY! I just found $20 in a fucking card. Gimme a little bit of hoarding credit. I do have gems in my shit. $20 gift card gems.

I knew what I was going to get...I've been needing more single serving glass storage devices for leftovers, cooking for one, lunches, and the like. While Mr. Wookie rolls his eyes at me because he deems them all frivolous (umm....'squeeze me...I pay for things myself AND I FOUND A GIFT CARD - shut up!), I knew exactly what I was getting. It was on the back of C&B catalog that came the week before. AND there was a 10% coupon code to use. So you can guess how fast it took me to whip out my wallet to finalize the "big" transaction.

Alright, so here are the goods. With the steep price tag of $19.95. Throw in 10% off thanks to a coupon code, add that pesky Californiasucksabigtoe sales tax, and the high-priced shipping charges - you've got a GIMME GIMME GIMME transaction of $6.somechange. Heck to the yeah.

So somewhere between 3-5 business days later, I had a jolly ol' package on the porch. While Mr. Wookie's been busy buying outdooring equipment, I was jazzed to finally have something arrive attention to MRS. WOOKIE!! I couldn't wait to open 'er up. And have a look.

Hello gorgeous. "Mr. Wookie, take a look!" ::shoulder shrug:: He twasn't entertained. I was DELIGHTED!! There they were in the glass bottom storage glory. Ready for everything from green beans, to soup, to single servings of pre-washed grapes to go in my lunch, to looking beautiful in my cupboard.

Now if you won't excuse me - I have things to cook and then put away leftovers. :)


  1. Finding gift cards I forgot about or money in a jacket I haven't worn in a long time makes my day! And I love the glass storage containers too! I got a Pyrex set at Target on Black Friday and was positively giddy over them. Chris doesn't get it either ;)

  2. Omg. I want some. That is the best proverbial $5 in your coat pocket story ever.