Monday, July 9

Umm..Hi, July...when did you get here?

Let's not throw right into July. No, let's take a breather. I need to make (another -seriously, Mrs. Wookie, will you ever get your shit together this year?) comeback. So let's drool at Mr. Wookie...

Posts are always better with pictures. So I give you the Officer Team of Mr. Wookie's squadron.

Where's Waldo Mr. Wookie???

Let me help you out. He' a flight suit. With a name badge. Around 6' tall. And a black t-shirt underneath. With a hint o' boat 'stache. Can you spot him? I have a general idea, but even I can't be certain.

And how do we get these pictures?? Our squadron's CMC is a former combat camera operator. So while the quality isn't here with this pictures since it's on his cellphone, he's got some gems that I get to share with you.

That is all for today.


  1. Only Mama Wookie can spot those ears from a mile away. Ask him about the little piece that's missing!

  2. That's awesome! I'm only able to spot NavyGuy in photos because he's always in the backrow, and well, the gingery-ness helps ;)

  3. That is an amazing picture!