Friday, May 29

Something Shiny And Silver

What I thought was from 10-Noon, turned out to be Noon-2pm, which was then rumored to change to 2-4pm, but then was returned to the original Noon-2pm.  So are we ready yet?

Today's promotions brought to you by Sam Adams.  It was actually Miller Lite.

Trying to get everyone alphabetized.  Which ended up taking a little while.  Didn't really think it was that difficult.  Neither did wook.  Thus he found his fellow "R's."  Everyone else was slowing down the process.

Now they're waiting for the Big Cheese to do the oath.  You know, the whole 'raise your right hand and repeat after me' stuff.  And it was different than the Commissioning Oath, if you didn't know there were more than one.  (I didn't.)

Jess, the lone girl in the boys' class, took initiate to capture some of my fumbling over the new bars.  I was pleasantly surprised to have some documentation in wook's uniform getting new jewelry.  As you can see, the Big Cheese assisted me with the other side since I was slowing up the process.   But I would like clarification that this was my first time working such an operation.  So that's okay.  Plus wook says the guy is really cool.  So we're all good.

What would a celebration be without more beverage?  Well, boring, that's what.

Cameron, the son of one of the guys in wook's class, is perfecting his breakdancing moves after the crowd dispursed.  He's really a character.  I'm surprised he slowed down for a picture.

You're done!  Enjoy your shiny new paraphenalia.  And let's get outta here.

But let's not forget the class shot.  You'll be seeing more come Wetting Down.

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