Monday, July 23

I better prepare for a homecoming. Eventually.

Mr. Wookie. Your birthday is in a few days. And like a good girlfriend, I haven't done anything - because I don't have to. I still have weeks until you're home, so why have gifts lounging around collecting dust? Like I said, we have weeks until you're I'll just put off purchasing anything until we're down to the final countdown.

But seriously, what do you want?

I probably know how you'll come home though. Boat time is special for everyone. The food isn't that great. The guys are busy with multiple flights per day or no-fly days, so it's workworkwork or "Hey, let's go to the gym." So those bigger biceps you're coming home with...I don't mind at all. In fact, I was discussing things I miss the most with you not being here. Yes, dinner company is usually my number #1 request. But I've found a rhythm that I never thought would find this home. I'm doing just fine in the dinner category - so much I made salmon, quinoa, and green beans last night. Who would have thought? A "Fancy Pants" dinner without the boy even being remotely near land. But that does mean I have to step my game up for when he's home. I've been hiding this "I can kinda cook" fact for far too long.

But you're probably wondering what that number #1 thing is since I left the last paragraph without mentioning it. This girl just needs a big hug. You know, those big bear hugs that rival rib-breaking compression? Yup. I need that. But I have weeks to wait until I can get one, so until then I'm going to find a homeless person with a sign that says, "Free hugs."

Seriously - Mr. Wookie - what do you want? Lifetime subscription to Playboy? New videogame? Weekend trip to Canada, eh? A new vehicle? (Please note I'm joking with all these.)


  1. I never know what to get my husband either! I usually just let him pick it out. Good luck with figuring out the gift!

  2. Well, while waiting for him to return, aren't you glad you get to random email/text a weirdo like me?