Tuesday, July 10

Who wants more E-2 pictures?? Of course, you do!

"GET OUTTA THE WAY, POINTY THING" -Mr. Wookie's CMC's caption

Sorry, "pointy things." This blog has no love for things with ammunition. We prefer top naval aviators who can handle that wing span and nerds in the backseat who are excellent at navigating an aerial ballet against potential land-to-air combat, air-to-air defense, and also (maybe) streaming select songs from a Droid phone on "E-2 Radio." They may or may not have the ability to jam enemy (and friendly for that matter) radar with "interference" that resembles 80's Monster rock.

The E-2 Hawkeye is also referred to as "The Hummer." So, yes, you can imagine the shirts in the 80's from Tailhook...and I've seen a few. And I'm not talking a nice, respectable golf shirt. I mean, the 'real shirts.' "Everyone love a Hummer." "Who doesn't love a Hummer?"

The Navy. Where being "PC" is cracking down on tradition. No longer can a call sign be humorous and borderline offensive. It has to pass the strict Commanding Officer test. And with CO's being booted left and right...I kinda get it. But seriously, a Junior Officer callsign isn't going to do you in. So while a few still exist like (call sign -->) "Stuff" Mooren (<--last name), (get it??) it's going away. And it's sad.

Although I am very happy with Mr. Wookie's call sign. I even tried to help JOPA (the Junior Officer Protection Agency) with anti-Mr. Wookie fuel. But they finally came up with one. Six-plus months later. That's what happens when you don't do anything stupid (I'd share - but really, it's for the protection of the "innocent").

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