Thursday, July 26

Thursday Throwback: 1989 (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad too!)

You only wish you could have had a "five head" since you were young. 1989. I was going on 6 (I think). And you just can't teach the fashion at this level. Hello, Kanye West was in his 20's when he rocked shades like mine. Obviously I'm better for it. And you can see how bone-thin I was growing up. But that's beside the point.

Today is my parents' anniversary. How they haven't murdered each other for the insurance money, I have no idea. And should you know (of) my family. I think you can guess which ones are the Sheriff and Mama Ging. The man on the left is my "Uncle Buck" (seriously, everyone get an Uncle Buck). Then there's a 10-year-old Brother, and a toddling Middle Sister strapped to my Dad's back like buckwheat. Poor Baby Sister didn't quite exist yet. Sorry Baby Sister.

Please, this photo is open to mockery.

I know I have. My brother's haircut for one!

I'm starting to think we need another wedding in the family (Mom, not mine - thanks). How about a renewal? Has anyone every convinced their parents to do one?? It will need to be clarified whether or not my mom will get new jewels also. I think it'd be awesome. We have 3 years until their big 4-0 years together, which I think is an appropriate way to party. Who's with me?? I'll prep my liver. Oh wait, got that covered. Thanks Uncle Sam.

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