Sunday, July 15

When Mr. Wookie is away, this Mrs. Wookie will play...

So I did something I'm not too proud of. And it was last night. And it involved a dumpster, a duct-taped Victorian chair, and the late night drive of said chair to my garage.

By the time Mr. Wookie even touches a port call to pull up this dear blog, this thing will have transformed from its current status of floral and duct tape to something of beauty.

Have I ever recovered a piece of furniture?

Not in a million years. But hey, with hard can it be? You need fabric, staples, for inspiration, and a dinner date for my two accomplices in the venture.

Oh, and you like my bringing-back-the-90's tied shirt?? I'm bringing "Woah" back. Right after I drum circle in my African print dress (I'm actually rocking a tank and the chambray shirt over it since California nights can get cool).

So as you can tell, I'm rocking this detachment like it's going out of style (literally). I'm trying to keep sanity by killing books by the bag from the library (why couldn't I have been single and leper in college? My grades would have been phenomenal). I did venture out once barhopping with a fellow lady, but we had zero luck in the 'eye candy' department (we just wanted cute boys to look at). So we went back to her place, watched Father of the Bride, and drank cheap wine.

And that 'halfway point' of this detachment? Eh, it's there...upcoming...but I just don't believe it. I feel that someway Uncle Sam has to say, "BAZINGA" and get us. Can there be only one Sheldon??


  1. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR!!!!!! Gah, why can't I come across a piece of furniture like that????

  2. I love your outfit!! Maxi skirts/dresses are totally hot right now. Oww oww!!

  3. The Sheriff says it looks like a great place for a snifter of cognac and a fine cigar.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it! I can totally see the potential. And you rock that tied denim shirt...Kelly Taylor would totally be jealous.

  5. You should definitely post photos once the chair transformation is complete!