Friday, July 1

[Nothing clever for a post title]

That's one toaster. One toaster purchased when Mr. Wookie moved out of the dorms his sophomore year of college to live with a fellow (but future Drop on Request) ROTC boy. Where it came from? Not sure. But considering our lovely alma mater is a small-ish rather redneck town in Oregon, it was either KMart, Fred Meyer, or Target (if you made the 12-mile drive to the neighboring, slightly larger town that had a real "mall").

Now to toast...well, need bread. Ahhhh, that's the missing link between wake-up and breakfast. There's nothing to house the butter (the real stuff) and jam while indulging in my coffee in the morning.

Life's been a little jostled since flying the SoCal area for Oregon last week. I've been away from the world, much like the "digital hiatus" that's making it's way through the blogosphere. Sometimes it's nice to just...get away. I like not having to report my every fart, heartbeat, booger, and cocktail. Sometimes life's just a boring piece of shit where the sun shines on the beach and temperatures reach 77 degrees. Sometimes all you want to do is take the dog in for a "pawdicure" - no, I didn't name that. Sometimes all I want to do is throw on my pajamas, contemplate the pain-in-the-ass nature of buying bras online, and how I need a pedicure but just got one while in Oregon.

Oh the life of Mrs. Wookie. Oh so difficult, but oh so easy.

But let's get back to needing bread. Friday's schedule includes something to rectify this.

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  1. What sadness. I definitely hope you win the jam, lol. :)