Saturday, July 9

It's been 6 months, and she's still alive. Yay!

Six months ago, we did something crazy. We got an effin' dog.

Well it's been 6 months and she's still alive. Go us! I, being a cat person, never thought I'd actually own a dog one day. It was surreal when we first got her. And we only wanted to sell her on Craigslist a few times in the first couple months. She was overweight, but that's because she was kept in a kennel because no one wanted to adopt her! Assclowns! So now after 6 months of living with two crazy Oregonians, she's looking good, lounging it up, still killing squeaker balls, and (kinda) staying outta the bathroom trash.

She's excellent at keeping company when Mr. Wookie is away on assignment, so much that her farting and snoring at night when she sleeps next to me make it like he never left. Perfect.


  1. She's so effin adorable. Kudos on not killing her ;-)

  2. Cheers to many more great times with your loyal friend. And her saggy nips :)

  3. I love it!!! You were all meant to be together! ~Mel, SCBR