Saturday, July 30

Citrus Classic Balloon Festival

Tonight I was wine'd and dine'd like a somebody as I acquired a VIP dinner ticket to a local festival in the county that idolizes organic fruit, wine, and spending money. Yes, I'd love to attend an event that has wine tickets and tasting. Yes, I'd love to have a double helping of vegetables with tri tip. And yes, I'd love some made-from-local-lemons lemon bars. They were so good Stephen Hawking thinks they'll cure his condition.

On the schedule for the opening night was a lighting of the balloons. This festival runs all weekend, with tonight being the lighting, and the rest of the weekend playing host to the typical fair-esque vendors like woodworks, candles, funnel fries, old people in skimpy outfits, beer gardens, and bad cover bands. But hot pajamas. Tonight was so cool.

How cool? This cool.

If a hot air balloon ride isn't on my bucket list yet, it is now. Who wants to sponsor me?

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