Thursday, July 14

Mrs. Wookie, where have you been?

Let me be honest. Living in California has turned into California-could-be-Hawaii. There's lounging when not working, there's this amazing amount of sunshine that's been around, there's Mr. Wookie when he's home, there's Jeopardy, and there's a great neighborhood with plenty of Mr. Wookie's squadronmates.

Life's not hard at the moment. I've been enjoying life-away-from-the-blog. I apologize for not informing y'all of my every movement, but sometimes I just want to escape.

But one day that actually went decently documented was the 4th of July. I love the 4th. It's my third favorite holiday...the first is Christmas...second is my birthday (hello, presents!), and third Viva 'Merica!

The day was gorgeous. It's days like these that we love living where we do. Now if only I didn't have the motion sickness I do, otherwise I'd enjoy boat rides like Mr. Wookie does with the guys. At least I'm not kayak motion sick when paddling around the neighborhood, because that wouldn't be any fun.

We've been barbequeing it up with the whole squadron at the Skipper's Bail. We've gone to the beach and have visited Santa Monica and Malibu. Mr. Wookie and I are even planning a romantic trip up to Southern California wine country to entertain our love for expanding our wine country...and our love for dry reds.

And Mr. Wookie's been fishing, on this particular boat too, but hasn't been too successful. This boat is what happens when you're a prior-enlisted-turned-Officer with no girlfriend and making loads of money. He even asked Mr. Wookie to join as co-owner. Good thing Mr. Wookie is financially smart and said 'no.' To prove his point in not co-purchasing, there's already been engine issues. Point Mr. Wookie.

But unfortunately the local city's fireworks were super weak. I would have rather stayed home and gone to bed (since I had to work out of home the next day), and snuggled with Miss Sweet Pea. Yes, there's more to patriotism than fireworks, but at least humor me with more than this half-ass attempt of bottle rockets. So instead I made the half mile walk from this house while Mr. Wookie partied on Wayne. And then I cuddled with the dog.

And there's been a lot of this lately. We're enjoying the great weather, so much that the back door and windows have been permanently opened. Oh, you think this little lady is cute? I agree. Oh, and see that pink toy? That lasted maybe 2 hours. She's brutal with that powerful jaw...she's going to cause bankruptcy. Just I look like a Real Housewife of New Jersey? ;)


  1. If you try and use the blog to jump start a singing career then you will officially be Jersey housewife material. It sounds like California is the antithesis of Oklahoma. Oy.

  2. Sounds like you're having fun and living it up. :) The Chihuahuas still play with toys they had when they were puppies - 7 years ago. We have to throw toys away around here.