Sunday, July 3

Middle Sister's bridal shower!

A week ago, I came back from my fabulous state. Minus having to fly in and out of LAX, it was superb. I had a beverage on the flight up (standard), I had a ride home, and my state doesn't have sales tax (just had to rub that one in).

But the real reason I was in town: Middle Sister's bridal shower!

While there, I tagged along with Baby Sister for her bridesmaid dress fitting. No, she's not Pippa-ing it up. The bridesmaid dresses are being made by Groom's mom with the initial mock-ups being made out of old bed sheets. The actual dresses will be a chameleon fabric of emerald green to dark green and super cute.

But let's get to the shower! Baby Sister was effin' fantastic in her coordinating of the entire shower. As someone who spent a year coordinating for a Legal 100 (that's like Fortune 500) law firm, it takes time, effort, patience, comfortable shoes, adult beverages, and a good clean-up crew to make an event a success.

She kicked ass. Middle Sister had a great time.

The bride arrived fashionably late to a guest count of about 18 ladies. The weather was fantastic for the area (it was around 80 which made me bitch because it was "sweltering" while the locals were applauding that it wasn't 90) and I didn't get sunburned (Mama Ging didn't fair that result at all).

Brother and Sister-in-Law were the most gracious hosts in letting a bunch of gaggling hens take over their yard. And thanks to their Church for borrowing the tables, chairs, and linens. Thank you guys!

Baby Sister made one tasty buffet run with homemade sandwiches and salads complete with gourmet cupcakes from a local cupcakery in the area. I definitely at well that day and drank enough water to counteract the surface-of-the-sun-like temperatures that plagued my time in Oregon. By Day #2, I wanted to be back at the beach here in Southern California. Call me a wimp, but I can't do the heat of my Hometown anymore.

Oh, and I went for a run while in Hometown as well. My current home in California is roughly 3 ft above sea level. Hometown is around 1,500 ft above sea level. Needless to say, I about d.i.e.d. on a simple 3-mile run. So that's a 'no' to running a Hometown half marathon. Thanks, but no thanks.

My gift to the bride-to-be. I have a thing for giving gifts that are useful. I can't just give you trinkets of bullshit and fairy dust. So what better way to remember me than to wipe yo' nasty shoes before you come into your house? 'Honey, I'm home...and I just wiped dog shit on your sister's gift!'

But what's the real reason for a bridal shower? Food? No. Lolligaging with family? No. Gifts? Of course! Middle Sister made out with some good swag, from gift cards to a vacuum, wall decor with her going-to-be last name, and kitchen gadgets (the girl loves gadgets!).

New apron!

And the icing on the cake: a sewing machine! Middle Sister doesn't know how to sew yet. But with the horizon of nursing school not yet in view, there's time for new hobbies after she moves down to Orange County with her future husband. Who knows? Maybe she'll take up quilting with me! [That's on my schedule with the deployment that's on my horizon.]

I can't wait to get back up to Oregon for the actual nuptials. The Wookie & Co. crew will be doing an efficient job of being perfect wedding guests. We'll eat your food, taste your cake, and dance along to your DJ so the dancefloor doesn't go unused. We'll also throw eco-friendly devices upon your departure and wish you a sunburn-free honeymoon. Then we'll get a ride home with the Sheriff (hehe, you know why). Then there's the time not spent with the wedding. That'll be spent outdoorsing. Because Oregon's good for that.


  1. I have that exact same sewing machine! I got it from my in-laws for Christmas, and I LOVE it. It works really well for everything I've used it on so far, it's simple enough that she should be able to learn easily on it (because there's not a million settings for crap she probably will never use), but it's advanced enough to do lots of stuff on it =)

  2. Ugh - I can't imagine what would happen if I tried to run in my hometown. 4,500 ft above sea level? NO THANK YOU!

  3. Wow!! This Disney princess bridal shower looks very beautiful. Loved the party favors kept on table. Have been planning to arrange a tangled themed bridal shower at one of New York wedding venues. She will love it for sure.