Tuesday, September 13

Life is carrying on one day at a time.

Days go by and I forget I don't blog. I don't know how. But it does. Maybe this is a peek into how life will be during Mr. Wookie's upcoming deployment. Stay busy, stay busy, kill the rum, hang out with fellow squadron families, sleep in, slobber with the pooch, baffle my neighbors when I take her for a run (yes, this bulldog can handle a 1-mile run), hit up farmer's markets, and cry at my football team when they can't grace points on the board. This football season will be riDICulously long.

Mr. Wookie left last Thursday on a roadtrip to a long-standing tradition in the naval community. My only requests when he goes TAD/TDY/roadtripping...let me know when you get there. That's it. We're completely kosher going incommunicado the whole time he's gone. Just let me know you arrived with a pulse. A steady pulse. And are not looking at signing a DNR anytime soon. K?awesomethanks.

So he was gone and left me to my own devices on Friday. So when 5:08pm rolled around, I was bored,...and the sailor on the bottle of rum was giving me the stink-eye. Can you guess our rum of choice?? So I made a cocktail. 30 minutes later, I made another. Then I thought, "well shit, might as well kill that last ounce and welcome comfortable pajamas on the couch." So I did just that. I killed the rum. And felt fantastic. I watched Jeopardy. Cuddled with the pooch. And made leftover tacos for dinner because cooking for one is so lame/annoying/time-consuming/not-worth-it. Then I crawled into bed at 8:30pm without anyone nagging that it was the bedtime of the elderly. Seriously....Mr. Wookie thinks that if you're in bed before 11pm, you're sack-less.

Well...I am - both figuratively and anatomically.

Saturday morning was spent grunting and groaning at the television while my team couldn't find any effort for a mere field goal. For those who are aware of the MASSIVE loathing between Oregon State (the good school) and the University of Phil Knight Oregon, it's mega. Facebook is like Vietnam, minus the DMZ. Well since we're in the column to suckawholelotthisyear, the mud slinging has been quiet. There is no fun at defending the short bus. We're not looking great this season, so we're going to just deal with it. So can I get a side order of hankerchiefs to go?

But Mr. Wookie came home from his "trip" in one piece, although not without stories.


So now we're whole again until the next time Uncle Sam wants him for actual training.

Here's to us, pooch. Next year will be interesting.

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  1. I was going to type this in baby talk, but since "look" is "wook" in baby talk - it won't work. That shot is adorable. Ugh. Miss you. We need to get our droolers together. H can ride SP. It would be AWESOME!