Saturday, September 24

The Wookie & Co's Oregon State mascot.

We're trying again. Come on, football team. Can we get more than 3 points on the board? It's sad when people not involved with Pac-12 sports know your team is sucking hard.

But despite the piss poor season we're expecting, we rock the Orange with pride. Those degrees mean a lot to us - although mine is lost in my parents' house (thanks mom). But at least I have it in this paltry California economy, where a Bachelor's gets you a dollar over minimum wage. Yay. Not for me, but for others, yes.

And with my family's season tickets, I always wave at the television - I hope they see me.

Thanks Baby Sister for the surprise gear earlier this year

I'd be pouting and wanting my mom's lap if I was an Oregon State player too. Stop sucking.


  1. Still love them, even when they suck.

  2. I <3 your Birks. Long live the German-engineered footbed. LOVE!! (Even though they're orange.....)

  3. Santo, my Birks are actually copper!! So you can still love them 100%. :)

    But they do take on orange tendencies on Saturdays during game time. Then my sad tears of defeat turn them back to copper before the game's over.

    Here's to a "rebuilding" year of the Beavs.

    Now where's my drink? ;)