Thursday, September 15

Who wants to get steamy with Mrs. Wookie??

This whole not-having-carpeting bit is an interesting one. I've definitely inherited my dad's inability to tolerate dirty floors/things sticking to my feet. Since we've moved to the new digs, I've lasted 3 days before needing to vacuum the wood floors. So yes, doing the math, we vacuum twice a week here. Or should I say I vacuum twice a week.

At any rate, any more than 4 days and I'm about to take the Sweets to get waxed.

And I knew there would come a day where the entire house would need mopping because flight boots can track in crap, dog paws can track in muck, I can track in ginger genes, and the wind can blow in leaves (as SoCal residents, the weather here is them doors stay open). I've been researching steam mops lately in the apprehension for battling such a square footage, but haven't necessarily found them necessary when a little elbow grease can suffice.

But to bring the post point to view, that day has come. Time to break out Mr. Mop.

So outside the resident canine and her shat goes, because as much as she loves the hair + wet floor = itWILLbe5o'clockbecausei'llNEEDacocktail. Her bed, her toys, her blankets...pretty much everything of hers is outside like it's an episode of Cheaters. She will then park her ass on the mat, stare in the window, tilt her head, and eye-plead to come back inside.

Then I took my trusty...erm...cooler. I couldn't find the one bucket we own. But cooler full of hot water should be big enough to tote around and complete the 1400+ square feet of flooring. Okay okay, it took 5 rounds of water changes, but the cooler served it's purpose until the bucket can be found. Plus, it's Mr. Wookie's cooler. So what do I care.

Oh, Mr. Libman Wonder Mop. You should be named "Mr. Libman No Wonder My Back Is Breaking Mop. Do they make mops for tall people or do I just have to stoop over for all eternity as payment for having a uterus and being made to keep house???

No, not bitter at all.

Actually, it's gladly done in exchange because Mr. Wookie prefers to clean toilets.


So I hump and I shlump and I rock out with my...anyways. I finish this doozster of a house. And I'm happy. I've done'd it. I totally stalled for 3 weeks in mopping since the floors were done right before we moved in. Why squash the professional cleaning crews good work, right? Even if the little bitch stole the left-by-the-previous-tenants hand soap.


I catch a glimpse of the flooring by the door. What's this???? One...mucky...left behind...stinkin'...(where's my cocktail??)...paw print. have some 'splainin' to do!! All that back-breakin' hard work. And there's still remnants of Sweet Pea tormenting me while she's still outside the door. That lowly paw print. There to mock me and my Libman Wonder Why That Paw Print Is Still There? Mop.

To me, this is a sign. Time to bring out the big guns. Time to get a steam mop.

And thusly, time to ask my awesome bloggers, "Who are you wearing? Which do you own?"

Consumer Reports threw their panties at the Eureka EnviroSteam Mop for under $75. Middle Sister got the Shark (cue Jaws music) for her bridal shower...Sister, thoughts?? And Mommy McD snagged one after she realized her house of a 45,000+ square feet is too much for a Swiffer. McD...who do you have??

And remember Winnie remember, I'm a mega hippie (minus the whole drawing electricity to power a steam mop when I could break my back for an hour every 2 weeks mopping with a conventional mop), so a reusable sponge/pad/mop mat is a MUST.

Ready, set, RECOMMEND!!!


  1. Our tile floor is microscopic so I just use a sponge, bucket, and spend an afternoon on my knees. Oh, yeah, that's how I roll, but I'm interested in the recommendations you get. :)

  2. The Bissell Steam Mop is nice. Nice thick pad to reuse and the low profile makes it easy to run under furniture.

  3. I have the Shark and it's ok, but I sort of wish it got hotter.

  4. My efforts right now are to Google the crap out of every steam mop, then read all the bad reviews - who knew there were so many choices!!!!!

  5. I freaking love my Shark. I got it as a graduation present 'cause I'm a bit of a weirdo. I got the double sided and I love that I can wash the pad and reuse it. It's quite nice for a quick cleaning although I don't feel like it replaces the occasional good hand scrubbing.

  6. This made me laugh out loud - - The reference to cheaters which is a hilarious show.

    Let us know what you get, I have been researching these myself.

  7. THe shark I quoted to you last night gets hotter than the originals. It gets hot enough to burn the skin off of babies. I love the double sided-ness. Less touching the floor fungus - just flip over and go.
    And the heads. Lots of heads.

  8. Tracy Fields HappenySeptember 16, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    I got the Shark Hard floor vac, not the mop. I am wanting the Steam Mop so badly!!! I sadly missed out at Target when it was $10 off....because I didn't have any giftcards with me. BOO! Patiently waiting to see if I can score it on sale again soon. We only have little patches of hard wood...(entry, bath and kitchen) so a little sweeping and spot cleaning has gone a long way for now!!