Friday, September 2

Welcome to the new home!

Slowly and surely I'll introduce this new pad as we're uber excited to be moving into a smaller house that'll actually be filled with possessions. Our last house was 1700+sf so it was still never fully furnished when we moved out since furniture takes money. And our DITY money was spent on a couch set, coffee table, fridge, washer, and dryer. Yes, 3 appliances means goodbye funds!

But now we're in just over 1400 sf which can be considered "cramped" by some, but we're loving the smaller quarters since we're actually able to look like we have a fully furnished home. Yay downgrading!

And 1400sf is DOUBLE what we had in Norfolk, Virginia. But that's because we sacrificed space for living in an urban environment where we could walk to posh eateries, our local bar, and not touch our vehicles for the whole weekend. Le sigh...

I spent a solid half-day jotting down all the defects in the digs as to give back to the landlord for both our records. And we tried to mentally arrange the furniture but were unable to concoct the perfect visions. So we relied on good, ol' fashioned furniture tetris once we made the final move over from the other house. I think the front room took 3 rotations, and 2 beers...but who's counting?

So welcome to the front door. Nail already in the door for my cute lil scarecrow "Welcome" sign that myself, Middle Sister, and Baby Sister each got one a couple years ago. And one freakin' cute bulldog there modeling for the new stroop. We threw one of our ever-growing plants into the keyhole window and called it good. Oh, and thanks to the previous tenants for the doormat. That saves us $10! The previous tenants PCS'd elsewhere but were gracious enough to leave a doormat, Cascade dish detergent, and a roasting pan (score!).

Then Naomi Campbell the model decided she was tired of sitting there looking cute, so she went to her trailer where there's unlimited Kongs, peanut butter, and treats.

And the best thing about our new place is the division between the "front yard" and the "rest of the yard." This iron gate separates where the garage door is located near the street and creates this side yard/back yard combination area for her to roam. If you see in the back, follow the sidewalk, and that's where the front door is actually located. And yes, we know the landscape needs some work. We've gotten estimates for the owners of local reputable landscaping companies and are awaiting a trigger to be pulled.

Miss Sweet Pea is hilarious - she'll sit at the gate and wait for you to check the mail. She doesn't dare let you out of her sight. She has to go the bathroom? Well don't cut out on her because she'll follow you back in then whine that she has to go the bathroom. The trick? Wait till she's looking the other way and actively peeing/dropping deuce, then sneak off and wait inside the house by the door. You'll see a barreling bulldog come blasting for you when she's done (ever seen a warthog run?). #separationanxietymuch?

As for the rest of the day, Mr. Wookie said he was going to try to cut out of work early today, but so far I don't think that's going to happen. I know those mad sales that are supposed to happen this weekend have him Jonesing hard for a BBQ and some patio furniture. We had a solid conversation last night on our budget for these projects and we're ready to drop some coin!


  1. Yay Sweet Pea has her very own yard! lol I'm sure she will let you use it for your future BBQs though. I'm so excited to see how you've tetrised out the place. And I totally feel ya on the separation anxiety. My boy dog in particular never wants to be out of eyesight. He gets so worked out when we are outside together and I take out the trash because I walk around the corner a foot past where he can see me. You would think the world was coming to an end. But, I get it, I'm pretty cool like that.