Friday, September 9

Remember when Mrs. Wookie went to a wedding?

You didn't think I've forgotten about you? No, of course not. But when you attend a wedding with professional photographer, you put down the camera and let The Sheriff's hard-earned dollars work for you. Besides, it's hard to operate champagne flutes (yup, plural) and a camera and dance your butt off.

Middle Sister is still going through the bazillion photos to put together a blogpost herself. Then I'll steal her thunder to my readers, with a little bit of snark. Because while she was busy eluding post-reception the frat-boys-turned-guests because boys are known for stupid antics involving honeymoon suites, we were busy loading presents into the car and swiping a few champagne bottles for the road. No, not really 'for the road.' The family totally pajama'd up once home and cracked the bubbly while watching a movie. Ahh...the life of a wedding guest. Almost torturous...

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