Tuesday, September 6

We're just a bunch of Labor Day flamers.

Before this weekend, I had no idea that both Home Depot and Lowe's both offer a standing military discount of 10%. Wahoo! So in the 5 days that we had been eagle-eyeing this particular barbeque, and comparing it to Sears and the NEX (Navy Exchange), we decided to pull the trigger this weekend on a 4-burner beauty that Mr. Wookie had to disassemble to get into the Jeep (no disassemble, Stephanie - Short Circuit, anyone?).

And yes, Mr. Wookie asked for the discount. Usually he doesn't. Must be the pride. I'm the one slutting out for a discount. I can't stand paying sales tax to this state. And so, that lovely discount does just that. Even if I have to lie about, "Oh, man, my ID card is in my car!" Because they don't need to know I'm lying. Muhhahaha...

But it came home with us, we picked up some steaks and some burgers and got busy making this thing a reality in our home.

So we put the "barbie" in our little atrium. It's this little European-style indoor patio (along with an outdoor patio we have...out back) where Sweet Pea has one of her many beds. Now that this house doesn't have carpeting, she can't just lay down anywhere. Little miss diva doesn't like the cold on her body. So she needs to have a shit-ton of beds or blankets to make comfortable. Jeez...didn't know I would be adopting an English Bulldog JLo.

Yes, my dear, I'm talking about you. I'm talking about your ability to hijack every blanket in this joint. Your hair is everywhere. You clog vacuums. You slobber a lot. You whine. You've now taken over the flannel snuggling blanket I used to wrap up with on the couch. Now it's yours. You've also hostage'd my Cincinnati Bengals blanket. What's next? Our Costco-purchased sateen high-count sheets? I.don't.think.so.

Flame on, bitches.


  1. So, I'm pretty stoked about this post. I'm going to Home Depot sometime in the nearish future because I need to refurbish this God awful bed I just bought and I need supplies. 10% discount here I come! I had no idea. Yay! Grill looks great!

  2. Nice. We're still rocking the little charcoal piece of trash that we rescued from a former neighbor's garbage pile. Yes, we are that classy.

  3. It is better to flame than to have never flamed at all. Happy grilling! My favorite thing to grill? Pineapple and watermelon. Yum!

  4. First of all, I think we have that grill, and second, Stella too is a blanket hog. She hates hardwood floors, walking on them mainly, so until I get my act together and buy a few more rugs, I have trashy towels and blankets all over my house. High class here in AK.

  5. Our grill is on it's last legs - shit is falling apart on it. It's just a matter of time before we pull the trigger on a new shiny grill. I'll have to try to reign the Husband in as far as how many fandangled bells and whistles he expects.