Wednesday, November 16

7 years, 11 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days + 1

My camera is dead. I've been having too much fun trying to figure out the fun variables.

So there are cell phone pictures...of our bubbly. An aged bottle of Korbel from our 3rd anniversary together. In our glasses, because we don't actually own champagne glasses. But it beats coffee mugs (haha, right Collin??)...or maybe it doesn't. We're eye-balling flutes...but they're at Crate and Barrel. And that's a good 60 miles away. And I'm too frugal to pay for shipping and handling when I could easily buy half the store while there. So what I need is a trip to visit Middle Sister...after my anniversary, that is.

Tonight is about the awesome. Us. How many people do you know that hit 8 years together, no Uncle Sam-involvement, no offspring, just two people...who are awesome.

And that's all I'm going to input for this post. We're enjoying the moment. The awe. And the pilot of "Running Wilde" - because Will Arnett can cure cancer. My illusions, Michael.


  1. Happy beingawesometogetheriversary! I think the phone picture just look air brushed. So really that is a quality picture that professionals need DSLR cameras and photoshop to do what you just did with your phone. Bravo.

    I am having the same issue with Crate and Barrel. I need to replace a broken teacup. But, they charge an extra $10 to ship it out to Hawaii. And my frugal self can't get over that I know it doesn't cost an EXTRA $10 on top of regular shipping to get out here. So, instead, I am just one teacup short.

  2. congrats! and to make it to 8 years with no offspring...I am awed and hope I find myself sans kidlets at that point in my marriage. ;)

  3. Congratulations! We made it over 8 years of 'togetherness' before having a kidlet. But by then, we had been married for 5 years so you have us beat. :)

    There is nothing wrong with your cups. Last night, I drank wine out of juice glass. Sometimes it is just easier not to deal with stemware. A $4.99 bottle wine almost begs to be poured into a short cup.