Wednesday, November 16

Uh oh. New blog design itch. Must scratch.

I will say I went quiiiiite awhile with my current design. But alas, it's time for new. So let's hold on tight like it's the thrill of your lifetime. And I'll lead you with a tidbit o' fun.

Last night was calm. It was a sweet night together, dinner at a swanky high-class restaurant where we were the last people to leave. The weather'd black man on the keyboard playing Jazz was perfect. We stuffed a $5 in his jar. I ordered the rack of lamb. It was just right. The leek and potato hash... caramelized and tender. I so wanted to grab the rib and chew the fleshy remains, but I refrained. Instead I took home the half i couldn't eat, including those meaty ribs, so I can savor the delicacy from the comfort of my own kitchen.

My Cabernet from Washington State was a hefty pour. But at $10/glass, you expect the over-indulgences. I sipped my wine throughout the dinner. We were the only ones in our area. The conversation was on money. On our dreams. And how we'll travel the world. We expect life to only get better. We know there'll be more trips to us. They probably won't contain the ability to sock away $20 million into Swiss accounts and live beyond Warren Buffet's wildest dreams, but we'll at least work hard for what we want. I'd die to drop everything because of a trust fund to support me. But then again, the value of a dollar and my self-engrained stance on getting the best deal on life wavers the dreams of going to the airport and hopping a random flight to somewhere exotic.

I've never flown first class. And I never want to. I know people who have. Mr. Wookie. And he says it pains him to fly couch since that experience. Although he does, because it was his mom who sprung for that first-class ticket - he's just dreaming of the high life.

Oh story.

We finished the night with champagne. A pop. A pour. A kiss. And a "I can't believe it."

Then I woke up the next day with a slight hangover. One glass of wine. A glass of champagne. That's all it took. Note to self. Stick with just the champagne....

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