Friday, November 18

Mrs. Wookie's Friday Night math

Mr. Wookie + Vegas + college friends = Mrs. Wookie in her pajamas as soon as she got home.
Mrs. Wookie - Mr. Wookie + Sweet Pea = still shared body heat at night.
Mrs. Wookie +/- Mr. Wookie = she still makes the coffee in the morning.
Mrs. Wookie + Sweet Pea + squadron family with a new puppy = training day for said new puppy to get experience when not all dogs go to heaven are friendly.
Mrs. Wookie + cocktail + remote that won't work = Mrs. Wookie cavewoman-banging the remote on the floor.
Mrs. Wookie - personal chef = nachos for dinner.
Mrs. Wookie + broken remote = Monk. ugh.
Mrs. Wookie - clean cups = cocktails out of coffee mugs.
Mrs. Wookie + rum + Coke = happiness and ice cubes.
Mrs. Wookie + math blogpost = I'm tired. Time to go bash the remote until something better comes on.


  1. Math? On a Friday? You're making my brain hurt ;-) I think you need another cocktail. I know I do after using my brain for things like math. Have a good Friday evening!

  2. :) I like it, and I don't even like math.

  3. I love the new look! Very nice. You crack me up! LOL You are very ambitious to do math ummm ever. lol