Tuesday, November 15

Did you know Wookie & Co. started on a futon?

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Tomorrow is the anniversary of a weekend spent lounging on a crummy futon that actually belonged to my roommate (who I'd hear routinely having sex upstairs with random people probably once a month - yeah, so awesome...). Mr. Wookie and I were in the throes of having known each other for 2 weeks, finding each other increasingly cute, and realizing our taste in movies is legen...............dary and that starting a relationship with a 2-day movie marathon is a solid foundation.

What's better than spending our anniversary than Mr. Wookie being in all-day top-secret training and getting out of work late???

Well...anything. :) But hopefully tomorrow involves a bottle of wine, a great dinner, and fabulous company. If not...I'll enjoy a bottle of bubbly...myself.


  1. That is a solid foundation! My relationship started with a stranger joking about having a rape kit in the back of his car. And then I married him. lol Boo for special occasions being messed up by the military. Bubbly tomorrow is a must!

  2. Congrats on a shit ton of years together!!!!!!!!!! You two are troopers.

  3. Bahahah, greatest story ever. We met in college algebra. So I'm going to have to say yours is WAY better.