Friday, November 11

The makings of our Veterans' Day...just no day off.

His alarm went off way too early this morning. I rolled over, sensed him get up, heard the shower, and I fell back asleep. I had to work today...but I like money, so I don't complain. Today was a national holiday (even though I forgot and totally checked the mail when I got home from work  - haha, woops!). But unlike most Marines, sailors, soldiers, and airmen that had today off, not Mr. Wookie - he had a special task today...which is the reasoning behind the early wake-up.

Instead of he being the one to roll over when he hears my alarm go off for work, and being able to enjoy the holiday that celebrates his career at the moment, he was actually scheduled on a flight. Ooooooo. What kind of flight??? Well...a test flight of the latest and greatest version of his aircraft that's coming out.

Sounds fancy, right?? Anyways, this week his squadron was notified that the test pilots wanted a "trunk monkey" of the E-2 to give 'er a whirl during their 4-hour test flight. These test pilots do just that. Test aircraft. That's their job. They get to fly all sorts of planes, trial versions, pre-fleet ones, and some of the planes are pretty weird looking in their modifications. But whatever, they get paid. They can't complain. Plus, they're at NAS NorthOfMalibu also, so seeing them fly around is pretty shnifty nifty.

To me, it only makes sense to bring along a fleet aviator that's on a sea tour, gearing up for deployment, to give an honest opinion of the new version. I've heard about this new plane for a couple years now - and all I've heard is the negative. But maybe a test flight would change minds. And a realist is a good choice for a test flight.

So Mr. Wookie was the lucky victim. The poor sap who had to wake up at 0430...on a national holiday...for an 0600 brief. Whether the test pilots knew they got an NFO (Naval Flight Officer) that knows both of the radar technology systems, I don't know. Mr. Wookie graduated flight school knowing the "Windows 2007" system, but was reporting for a squadron with the "Windows 2000" version - so he had to spend a few more weeks learning the other system, thus stalling our PCS but giving me more time at my old job to make that money. Can you tell I love money????

But seriously, what's better way to spend your Friday morning than an O'Dark Thirty wake-up, right?? I mean, you can sleep in the next day, right???

And I asked how the flight went this afternoon...he said, "Gucci." Translation: Damn.

Happy Veterans' Day from our flight suit family to yours. Whether brown boots, black boots, BDUs, poopy suits, Johnny Cash's (I love these!), or Marine PT shorts (hello!), we're all in this together. Just not the Navy PT gear...yellow and I don't go together.


  1. Awe, I'm sorry he had to work! :( But, on the other hand... what an awesome job! Kinda jealous, no lies!

  2. Lame- Sky had to work too- of course, his was his civilian job. But testing new aircraft sounds kind of awesome.

  3. At least he got to do something fun on his holiday, even if it was technically work. How ironic though, my hubs got called into work early that day too.. even though his work was in Kuwait. Thus no wake up call for me. Which I am completely okay with. =)