Tuesday, November 1

Happy November - is it Christmas yet??

Today is inspired by a dump of thoughts because I haven't had my coffee yet, it's dark out, and we're officially less than 2 months out to the Jolly Ol' Guy.

- We had officially 3 trick-or-treaters last night. That's 300% more than I expected. In our little gated community, it's mostly retired people. And the youngsters last night were middle/high-school aged. So they either have Grandma living on our street, or they jumped the fence. Either way, they were awesome. Mainly because a 6'-tall Gumby grabbed a Kit Kat. How you jump a fence in a full costume, I don't know...

- We still have most of the small bag of Kit Kats left. Yay. Here's to my ass...

- I can't wait for Daylight Saving Time. This darkness when we get up is not working for me. I need daybreak. I don't want to walk the dog without it. So hurry up November 6th. This is SoCal...not Fairbanks.

- Today is Mr. Wookie's last day as Command Fitness Leader (aka the Richard Simmons that runs the PT program for the squadron). He couldn't be happier to turn this over.

- I'm already working on Christmas lists to purchase and ship to my family in Oregon, decor we need around our new place, and my Christmas card list. That Christmas card list is starting to spawn itself extra categories like, "Former squadron families." I now know why people hate sending cards the next year. People have moved, new people arrived, and that doubles your standing list.

- If we're getting particular. I made my Christmas card list in October.

- Why don't I like Thanksgiving?? Eh...it's a holiday centered around food. Doesn't America have a 30% obesity rate?? Why are we promoting overeating? Oh, and let's not forget the small pox blankets. That was a class act. I do like that I get a 4-day weekend. Yay for that.

- The city we live in has a 40% obesity rate. Isn't California supposed to be healthy??

- I think that's it for now. I could tell you how I love dry shampoo, how I haven't had a cocktail since Friday, how I'm still trying to figure out how to corral Mr. Wookie's ever-growing laundry pile, or how last night I made hot turkey bacon sandwiches while shattering Jeopardy. But we'll save that...

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