Friday, November 25

It's now the best time of the year!

First order of business: Take Nate Berkus' Holiday Decoration Style quiz. Now go. Because what's better than  lounging at home, not being a Black Friday sit-in-lines-at-10pm-for-Midnight-openings crazy shopper?? quizzes, that's what.

So go. Take it. And report back. Were they right?? Or are they off their rocker?

My results were right on the ball. I keep a small collection of boxes and bags to use each year so I don't have to buy them (eco-conscious and a tradition). I love making the same cookies each year that my mom's made for millenia. I think that's one reason why Mr. Wookie stayed after that first Christmas - first Christmases are always awkward. What to you get someone that you barely know?? I wrapped up a Rocky poster and a couple DVD's. Thank goodness for those cookies. They probably kept him around. I also tape the holidays cards received onto the wall so you can see the collection grow with each card.

The holidays are about bridging the childhood with adulthood. There comes a time when you can't make it home, hopefully your parents understand, and hopefully they know that you're rocking the traditions still in style. This year is that time. We spent last year with my family, which meant a lot to them, and they understand that you have to share holidays with extended families when families are spread throughout the country.

This holiday season is something special anyways. We're soaking in everything festive and fun since next year will be spent with Mr. Wookie on the USS Not Home For Christmas. We're making the most of it. Everyone sacrifices time for deployment. It's our turn. But we're not going out without a rockin' Christmas season to last us through the upcoming military separation.

But enough of the drag down, it's time to decorate this place up. That st00pid holiday in the way of today is gone. Yes. Now it's sleigh bells, garland, researching where to get a tree when you live in permanent-sunshine land, and the furniture tetris needed to add said Christmas tree to the living room arrangement.

Cue the Pandora Christmas channel. Cue Mariah Carey. Cue ZERO Justin Bieber.

And the upside to the packs of your favorite libations. Because what's $5 more for a bottle of Maker's Mark when it comes with a team of low ball glasses? ...even when you sacrilege it with a vodka tonic.


  1. I got the same quiz result! :) I'm all about tradition.

  2. I got the same results too. I knew there was a reason I liked you. We also keep our re-used bag collection and they get used over, and over, and over. It's great. I wasn't really at all into Thanksgiving so I'm trying to get a little more into Christmas. I think it's working. Can't be grumpy listening to Christmas music!!

  3. Taped up holiday cards are the best. I hope my collection this year grows even bigger than it was last year. And that deployment over the holiday crap, I'm SOOOOOO over it. Cheers to holiday traditions.

  4. Whoever invented the liquor Christmas combos is a genius. I bought the Maker's Mark one a few weeks ago for the brother in law, gotta love those glasses!