Thursday, November 24

I'd like to sayThanks for the Giving!

Tuesday evening marked a load of questions as I approached my door stoop. Why did UPS just leave a Crate & Barrel box at my gate. Why is there one by my door also? Why are they addressed to Mr. Wookie???? And what the heck is going on???

Facebook was alit as people prompted me to open them up, but knowing that opening another person's mail IS A FEDERAL CRIME, and my dad is The Sheriff (not really, but really), I waited it out. I waited a patient 17 minutes before Mr. Wookie came through the door with, "What the heck are these?"

Umm...buddy...they have your name on them. Playing dumb with presents only works when I'm 7 - that time I had to "pick out a toy for my cousin," but it turned out to actually be a toy for myself and my mother was snatchingly brilliant in her ploy of making us feel like dumbasses for being so greedy.

I love Crate & Barrel. It's like Pottery Barn, but not douchely overpriced. It's like Target, but a step up in the modernity. If I could live in a C&B store, I would. I had never heard of C&B until Will & Grace, when "Just Jack" mentioned he worked there. Well....if a gay man approves, then I approve.

So with an adequate amount of intrigue, Mr. Wookie begins the assault into the boxes. And once there, we find a card atop the clutter of bubble wrap and cushioning.

Awwwwwww. Wait. How'd she know we like Crate & Barrel??

Because when your son doesn't call you, you're forced to read a blog written by his awesome tenured female to which she drones on-and-on about bullshit and stupidity where you can sometimes pick up useful information like she likes C&B. Der. Wow. Smart, I am.

The boy didn't even waste crucial time changing out of his flight suit before opening up the boxes. He was intrigued. What all arrived? After I though bedding...because the boxes were huuuuuge. But then out comes delicately wrapped martini glasses. Ohhh.....we like us some martinis.

Please aww then ignore the mayhem that is "Movember." Ugh. It's gone. Thankfully.

Then came the second box. Good doesn't end!

We know are the proud owners of a new full set of barware. 12 wine glasses, 4 margarita glasses, 6 martinia glasses, 4 pilsners, and 6 champagne flutes. All here. And where to be stored. We've hit the issue of needing a credenza to house this new accumulation and the China we inherited last Christmas. With our former small stash of drinkware, we could fit things into a narrow cupboard without issue. Welcome to adulthood, now get your ass a sideboard that'll hold linens, Great Aunt Mildred's ashes, and 50-year-old Scotch.

Everything stayed on the table for 2 days. I didn't know where to put it. Then I pulled up the credenza I was eye-balling this time last year. Silly me. With only China acquired, it wasn't necessary for us to drop on another piece of furniture. But with this haul, I feel the need. The need for speed something...and we'll add it to our list of Things For The House.  Maybe we'll have better luck with a horizontal hutch than patio furniture. Maybe...

So from Wookie & Co, we toast you. Thank you Mama Wook for the great present. We really appreciate it. In fact, one of the wine glasses was christened that night with a local cabernet sauvignon. It was delightful. I felt pretentious holding it while telling Sweet Pea to, "Outside. Bathroom." Like she'll listen even more now. Oh, my owner...she's got these new wine glasses...gotta step my game up.

Have a great Thanksgiving y'all. As "squadron strays," we're moseying over to Running Buddy's house for mealtime. We're bringing the bubbly in tow. Because that's the way strays do it. Everything in moderation overkill...

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  1. Yay! What an awesome surprise! I too am a C&B junkie. 90% of our wedding registry was there. I couldn't stop, it was a sickness. That was so sweet of her! Happy Thanksgiving!