Sunday, February 26

The house is whole again.

Yesterday was spent in anticipation as I was expecting the caravan back from NAS Practicing Defending Freedom to creep it's way back home. Because Mr. Wookie had the best luck while his command was detached, he was slated with being "on duty" the day the birds flew off. So instead of packing out via aircraft, or air lift, he got to wave a cute hanky at the command as everyone else got to leave while he was stuck an extra day. Okay, maybe not everyone else - a huge majority didn't POV and therefore got the faster route home.

Yes, I was bitter at this. Yes, I was annoyed that I had to wait in order to get my 2-minute hug, pour a cocktail, enjoy my dinner buddy, then start his laundry. And yes, I spent the majority of yesterday while he was en route to dig out the home from the crustiness of military separation. I'm pretty sure Mr. Wookie would think I live in rundown Bosnian conditions with the level of squalor I'm capable of maintaining. So like a good housekeeper, I made it look like a model home.

But then an hour earlier than I expected, the door opened. No dog bark, no nothing - just a happy-to-be-home Mr. Wookie. "I'm so happy to be back in California - where are my shorts??"

Oh, I love you too. Yes, I've missed you. But apparently you've missed the weather. Let me tell you, it's been 'meh' at best while you've been gone. Instead most weekends are spent indoors because the temperature just hasn't breached shorts' weather yet. Until you came home. Maybe it's a sign. He's meant to be home. So I'll be sure to expect earthquakes, blizzards, and the Second Coming while he's deployed. Yay.

How did that hour get shaved off? Oh.....the driver hit 100mph a few times on the drive.

Oh, that's all.

At about the time he was expected to arrive home, he was getting the phone calls from his sailors that they had made it back to base as well (as he was on duty and responsible for all those POVing back to NAS North-of-Malibu). All is well. Everyone is home. Everyone is happy.

And I'm happy to have my yard maintainer back home. While I dutifully took over his responsibilities while he was gone, I'm happy to bring him a beer mid-mow as a loyal housemate.

Until he leaves again? Very soon.