Monday, February 20

Oh Internet, thanks for being a ****

I don't know if it's my computer, our router, or the fact that the Internet likes to play with my heart strings. But sometimes it doesn't work...for just me. Mr Wookie will be connected and gaming (when he's actually here), and my computer will mock me with "Unable to connect...diagnose the issues." Well suck my toe....

So yesterday I was able to get a little juice off the wireless to squeeze out a webcam session with the Sheriff, Baby Sister, and Little Man. Then it pooped out on me. Instead of spending my weekend away on blogging (which I actually wanted to do!), I did yard work. Because when the Cave Wookie is away....the grass still grows and someone (being me) has to mow it.

And no, there is no real Mexican gardener. Even when outsourcing yard work to the ghetto-er parts of the County, they still charge way too much just because it's California. So for 14 minutes, I can mow my own lawn. Thanks El Mexicanos....

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