Wednesday, February 8

Ummm, yeah...are you back yet?

Mrs.'re really are, but are you done being all sad and stuff? I mean, I get it...January was tough on you. But come on...I need laughter. You're killing me here with all your existentialism and enlightened outlook on life. I need angry back. I need hostility. I need eff-bombs. Get your shit together. There are people who compare you to..well...a crazy, Ginger blogger. And they need some loving. So put down that damn wine glass and get to gettin'.

So yeah....I need to come back.

And I mostly have. I just haven't known what to say. After that day in January happened, I just wanted to take a break from chronicling every fart, snort, loogie, and wine bottle cork added to my collection. I knew Mr. Wookie was leaving, and starting the long schedule of being here and gone (and gone and here and gone), and I really just wanted to spend some time with him. So I did that. Can you blame me? I can't.

But now Mr. Wookie's practicing his defense of freedom and I'm left here to...pick my ass.

Last night I hit the "I'm bored" mark. Oh shit. It's less than a week in and I'm waiving the "Can I please have my Jeopardy teammate back?" Never mind the 16-minute phone call I got where I actually got to chat with him while he was between work and scrounging for dinner. I had this hit to my ego. I now just want to take care of the boy. I can't believe it.  My pride...gone. This fem-Nazi (me!) is asking for her Mr. Wookie back so she can gladly bask in the "Can I get you a cocktail, babe?", "No, I'll do the dishes, babe.", or "Want me to make some dinner, babe?"

What the heck is wrong with me??

This is not right. This is not 1950's. And he's not Don Draper.

Last Saturday I had a mission for the weekend - I wanted to create a semi-meal plan for what to do for the next week. I needed something to keep me healthily fulfilled other than Honey Nut Cheerios. While I usually catalog meal plans into the cultist behaviors of Stroller Mafias, I knew I didn't have a chance to make it a full week once I drag my tush home from work, chill with my dog, pour a glass (or three) of leftover Super Bowl merlot and then creating a lavish 4-course meal. No....I need a plan.

So as of this weekend, I've actually made real food for dinner. And you know what?? IT'S EFFIN' BORING. I knew cooking for one would be the lamest thing since Steven Hawking's chances on Dancing With the Stars. And I'm right. Although I will say having zero Mr. Wookie in the house lent itself to a joyous Kardashian marathon on Saturday...or of those days. Have I mentioned that I've had wine in the house? ;)

So long blog post short...I'm bored, I'm trying to stay busy, but I think the key to my issue is the need to stay mentally busy. I'm physically busy. Now I just need a project to keep my head "in the game" - or at least out of the wine cabinet.

Or not. I mean, let's be honest. Wine is healthy. Who am I to deter doctor's orders??


  1. Wine is totally healthy and much deserved during military-induced separations. Bottoms up!

  2. Hello snark, welcome back! You were sorely missed, but it was an understandable absence.

    Is Mr. Wookie doing work-ups? We're about to start that joyous process again, with the here and gone and here and gone and piles of laundry :) I agree wholeheartedly that cooking for one blows. When NavyGuy is away, I aim for two "cooked" meals a week, with salads, cereal, pizza rolls, and takeout filling in the rest of the days.

  3. Bahaha welcome back chick. :) Glad to see you didn't fall off quite yet.

    I hate the boredom when the DVR is empty, schoolwork done, house clean.. I hate it with a passion. So I totally get where you are coming from.

    Oh and props to you for the cooking stuff. Fast food has become my friend so much lately it's disgusting.

  4. Welcome back! I think dinner is the worst part of deployments. My way of coping involves lots of dinners out with friends and lots of Morningstar Farms fake buffalo wings because cooking for one mostly definitely does suck.

    Oh,and I'm pretty sure that wine nights are required during deployments. Unless you're me and don't like wine, in which case you go for pancakes and beer instead ;)