Sunday, February 12

While I decompose on my couch, let's do 10 random facts on Sunday!

I'm trying desperately to find the balance between staying busy (both mentally and physically) and dusting off the cobwebs of this dear blog. It's important to continue to speak my mind and express how life is while he's away since I'm trying to stay busy.

But let's have 10 fun facts inspired by my Baby Sister!

1. I cleaned the Master Bath's toilet yesterday. While it wasn't as torturous as I remember cleaning a toilet, it's definitely not my favorite part of cleaning the house. But this is definitely something that Mr. Wookie prefers (cleaning bathrooms versus vacuuming, anything else) - who am I to take that away from him?

2. I've set a new goal for detachments, boat time, and deployment. I will enjoy a bottle of wine a week. Red wine is who am I to turn away something for my health?? Right???? And it goes without saying this week was a double dose of health. I've added TWO corks to my stash...

3. I'm trying desperately to unEarth my vehicle from the layers and layers of dog hair that has imbedded into the back and front seats (who am I to keep Sweet Pea from riding shotgun while we roll around around town) far I've tried wet sponges, velcro, and tape. Last ditch effort: kitchen gloves....

4. I don't like coconut. I think it tastes foul. Although I'll eat it in German Chocolate cake because that's The Sheriff's favorite cake - who am I to lower myself on the ladder for a trust fund later in life??

5. While Tuesday I was mentioning that I was ready to hang up the military lifestyle because I was tired of the loneliness-inspired separation (hahahaah - soon!), I think 72 hours is my breaking-in point. Because after that night, I settled into my own routine. (Maybe the wine is helping...)

6. The Vow looks terrible. Awful. I have zero desire to see it.

7. There's nothing like crawling into crisp, freshly washed flannel sheets. I did that last night. I got home from my monthly "Wives" meeting, put on some flannel pajama pants (see a trend?), poured a glass of wine, watched some Iron Chef America, then called it a night before 9pm. Throw in my electric mattress pad on heat setting 6, and it's heaven. I'm surprised I even crawl out of bed at all....

8. I haven't made coffee in my house since he left. And so with that, I...uh...hadn't cleaned out the coffee filter since then. Uhhh.....gross. Time to clean the coffee maker....because I'm pretty sure a touch of moldy coffee grounds isn't the same hint of flavor that Bailey's provides...

9. It's obvious I don't live the same lifestyle as the Duggars ( name doesn't start with a "J"), but I love them. Not that my vag wants to pop out 19 children, but I think it's an entertaining family with great morals, decent fashion sense (come on! It could be a whole lot worse!), and fabulous attachment to their siblings.

10. Have you seen the blog Advanced Style??? These women are FABULOUS. I can't wait to rack up the years and be as stellar as they are. So here's taking care of my health with fruits, veggies, healthy foods....and wine.....right??? It's all about those antioxidants... ;)                                                                             


  1. I am soo finicky with the military lifestyle stuff too. Yesterday, I was completely gung ho that I wanted Daniel out and that was that. Then we got to chat a little and suddenly I'm thinking this really isn't so bad. I could do this for 20 years. But, ask me in a few days and I'll be very dramatic about it again.

    I think The Vow looks awful too! I thought I must be losing my sanity because it seemed like I was the only person not excited about it. I should have known I can always count on you.

    Enjoy your wine!

  2. Only two corks this past week? Come on, now. You're just not trying hard enough. :)

  3. Great post! You know I looooove me some Duggar too!

  4. Scotch sells this awesome fur remover tool. I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond and then bought one at Target.. and it worked miracles on my cream colored couch that had black Piston colored fur strands stuck all over it.

    Yay for you on cleaning and getting into a groove! And wine.. yay for wine!